RATAJ SK s.r.o.

Kuchyňa 238, 900 52 Kuchyňa    Show on Map

telephone:+421 905 898 240

NIP: 358 60 910
VAT: SK 2020208817

Company Description

RATAJ ® spiral conveyor.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Light spiral conveyors - this kind of spiral conveyors Reichel ® (Type SL, SLN, SLP) is used for the transport of fine materials and light in traffic performance 0.01 - 15m3/hod. The great advantage is the possibility of conveyors transport the material in the curves and long distances up to 120 meters per motor unit.

Robust spiral conveyors Reichel ® (RL types, RLN, ATC, RRL, RRN, RLE) is used to transport materials to power until 600m3/hod. This is a very abrasive materials transport (alumina grit, gravel, sand, crushed stones, abrasive dust, slag), large grain materials (PET bottles, wood, wood chips, biomass), transport and wet sticky materials (sludge, soil, bentonite) and transport of fine and flowing materials (food powders, chemisttreatment, fly ash).

BIG-BAG, accessories - delivered big-bag station are used for loading, unloading and weighing of the transported material.


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