Plastigram Industries a.s.

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Company Description

Plastigram Industries a.s. has developed a technology for processing reject from used beverage cartons (for example Tetra Pak, Elopak, SIG Combibloc) paper recycling.

Used beverage cartons are recycled in paper mills, which only recover the paper component. The remaining polyethylene and aluminum, often referred to as “polyal”, are usually incinerated or landfilled. Our innovative process enables the recovery of plastics, including LDPE regranulate and regrind from caps, as well as aluminum (powder).

Our technology represents an important step towards resource sustainability. It significantly lowers the volume of landfilled and incinerated waste, reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and saves raw materials. In addition, it allows paper mills recycling UBC to reduce the cost associated with waste disposal.

Range of products / Services

We offer to our partners LDPE regranulateHDPE regrind and aluminum powder

rLDPE regranulate

  • Color: green
  • Melt flow rate (MFR): 4-6 g/10 min (190 °C, 2.16 kg).
  • Production volume: approx. 6000 tons per year.
  • LDPE regranulate is suitable for injection molding or film blowing (in laboratory conditions a 25 ÎĽm films was blown).
  • Technical data sheet »

HDPE regrind from caps

  • Color: mix
  • Composition: HDPE approx. 45%, LDPE approx. 35% and PP approx. 15-20%.
  • Contaminants (Alu, paper fibers, etc.): < approx. 2%.
  • Melt flow rate (MFR): 7-8 g/10 min (190 °C, 2.16 kg).
  • Production volume: approx. 1500 tons per year.
  • Technical data sheet »

rHDPE regranulate

Aluminum powder

  • Share of organic contaminants (mostly plastic regrind) approx. 40%.
  • Production volume: approx. 1,000 tons annually.


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