Petr Kovanda - PP KOVANDA

Dolní Bečva č.p. 650, (Průmyslový areál), 756 55 Dolní Bečva    Show on Map

telephone:+420 774 983 000

NIP: 47960922

Company Description

Petr Kovanda presents under the PP KOVANDA trademark, and was established in 2004.

The production program is aimed at serial production of peripherals for the plastics industry with the ability to modify individual devices according to a specific customer wish.

We focus on manufacturing and general servicing of peripherals dealing with DRYING AND TRANSPORT MATERIAL. Of course, to meet the demand of our current customers, we also manufacture other peripheral devices such as: DOSING, REGULATORY HOT RUNNER, SEPARATION, STORAGE OF MATERIAL and others.

We deal with after-sales service of the peripherals of other manufacturers, not only our production.

In last years created a new division focusing on custom manufacturing one special purpose equipment in the field of automation and integration of robotic arms into existing and newly created operations.

Thanks to many years of experience, development and improvement of our products, we are now one of the leading Czech manufacturers.

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