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Company Description

Our company Optik Instruments offers FTIR and Raman spectrometers and microscopes made by the German manufacturer - BRUKER.

In the field of plastics our instruments are mainly used for quick quality control - control of chemical composition of incoming materials and products.

Further our instruments are used to identify unknown plastics and fillers, to analyze defects and material defects. We offer process instruments for online process monitoring.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Our instruments occupy an important position in the field of chemical analysis of plastics. They are designed for fast and reliable quality control of materials. It is the identification or control of the chemical composition of input raw materials, intermediates and output products. The technique is also used for more advanced applications such as defect analysis, product quantification, R & D, etc. The main advantages of FTIR spectroscopy are:


  • Proven technology with reproducible results (ASTM E168 and ASTM E1252)

  • It is usable for gases, liquids and solids

  • Simple sample preparation

  • Fast and non-destructive analysis

  • Low operating costs

  • Simple operation

  • Guaranteed Long Life of Bruker Spectrometers (Up to 10 Years of Warranty)

Quality control and materials identification

Analysis of material defects

Research & Development


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