MEYER Europe s.r.o.

Nam. L. Novomeskeho 1224/1, 040 01 Košice    Show on Map

telephone:+421 948 209 976

NIP: 52205002
VAT: SK2120934750

Company Description

MEYER is a high-tech company focused on research and solutions in the field of optical sorting technology and X-Ray inspection. Our company is constantly developing using 30 years of production experience, over 1,000 engineers, as well as artificial intelligence technology solutions.

MEYER’s high-quality solutions have already reached over 45,000 customers in over 100 countries around the world.

MEYER has been committed to advancing in food safety and industrial product quality, consistently believing in the company’s values.

Range of products / Services

Optical sorter for recycling 

MEYER Europe is a leading manufacturer of optical sorters, for the recycling industry and others. We care about the environment and increase the recovery of recyclable materials from waste. We offer help in choosing the right solution, a wide selection of optical sorters, professional installation, and support at every stage, as well as an authorized service available in Europe. The selection of devices is based on many years of experience in working with optical sorters and recycling. We have devices for the optical separation of plastics (including PET, HDPE, PP, etc.), ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and other, even the most unusual materials that require specialist improvement of the quality of the final product.

Want to know more - visit our website: or call: +421 948 209 976



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