INGEMAR s.r.o.

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telephone:+421 948 278 401

NIP: 34 117 300
VAT: SK2020364093

Company Description

Our production company is on the market for the purchase and processing of sorted municipal and industrial plastics, where we place emphasis on the recovery of HDPE, PP, PP / EPDM, ABS and other types of plastic waste. Last but not least, we are also a long-standing partner in the field of electro-waste purchase processing of car wrecks.

We are actively working with well-trained suppliers and OZV across the EU, with an emphasis on V4 markets. Rated graded plastic waste in monthly volumes of approximately 160t is then distributed to our customers within the EU in the form of high-quality regrind, but in the case of clients' demands, we also supply deliveries of granulate produced on the basis of our raw material.

Range of products / Services


In Ingemar, s.r.o. in the long-term and stable purchase of selected types of plastics from both physical and legal persons for the purpose of their subsequent processing and recovery.

Thanks to modern technologies, we are able to process high-quality plastic waste:

  • HDPE canisters, barrels
  • HDPE bottles of household PE / PP hard plastics
  • Industrial and technical plastics
  • HDPE Drug Bottle H DPE Trash Bins
  • PP / EPDM

Among the main activities of Ingemar, s.r.o. in the sector of graded plastic waste processing include, for example, processing of plastic waste for crushing, crushing of plastic lumps, purchase of waste from technological plastics, blasting of waste plastics and sale of plastic crushed HDPE / PP, PE / PP, ABS / PS and other plastics.


Plastics and sorted plastic waste on our processing lines are transformed into high-quality products in the form of washed regrind, which can then be re-evaluated in the form of regranulates on the basis of the requirement of business partners. These are used in various industries of plastics production and production, either as a primary raw material or as an important addition of other plastic blends.

The high-quality commodity produced on our production lines in the form of HDPE, PP / EPDM regrind and crushed material from other plastics has long been and stably distributed to our network of business partners, whether in the Slovak Republic or traded in different countries of the European Union.

Our processing line with a monthly processing capacity of approximately 160 tons per month is the only line of its kind in the Slovak Republic and is exceptional by its specialization in the processing and recovery of HDPE plastic waste.


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