HARKE Hungary Bt.

Bocskai u. 26, 1043 Budapest    Show on Map

telephone:+36 70 392 5190

NIP: HU25722408

Company Description

HARKE GROUP is a European distributor of polymers with a wide range of plastic raw materials and chemistry for plastic processors.

Range of products / Services

HARKE GROUP supplies a wide range of polymers, additives and products. These include:

  • Formosa Plastics, PE, PP
  • Ulsan PP (UPP)  PP
  • PolyMirae (PMC) PE, PP
  • Petro Rabigh, PE
  • Cyclopentane
  • Compounds PE, PP, PA, ABS, PC/ABS – taylor made & standard
  • SPVC, EPVC, MPVC, PVC compounds, PVC copolyer
  • Plasticizers DOTP, DINP, DMP, DEHCH (Phtalate free), DOA
  • Chlorinated paraffine, chlorinated PVC (CPVC), chlorinated PE (CPE)
  • Rubber chemicals, PVC additives, stabilizers
  • Regranulates: RPE, RPP, RABS, RPET, RPVB, RPA, REVA
  • PE, PP, PA  – compounds taylor made & standard (Talc, FR, Heat stabilized)
  • Masterbaches (color, white, black, filler, enhancer, additive, combibatches)
  • Fillers (carbon filler – Austin Black, Talc)

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