TOPlast, a.s.

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telephone:+421 55 728 91 24

NIP: 36213241
VAT: SK 2020048789

Company Description

Company TOPlast, as used for the production of this material, modern German technology to produce these products and distributes them to domestic and world market. This modern technology enables production of homogeneous products from waste plastics (PP, PE, LDPE, ABS, PS and others). Manufacture's 25 full plastic profiles (plate, beam, palisade) significantly expands the range of manufactured and semi-finished products

TOPeco material is hygienic. Using suitable wherever wood rots, metal rust and concrete cracking. It is solid and strong, can withstand all weather conditions. Working is very similar to wood, cutting and jointing material is the same as the processing of wood. In the case of increased requirements for mechanical properties is TOPlast, also available as semi-reinforced metal pipes and metal profiles of different diameters and thicknesses. This combination allows the use in case of increased load

The material is maintenance free, it need not coated is sufficiently solid and strong, can withstand all weather conditions

Range of products / Services

plastic fencing, benches, picnic tables, children's sandboxes, inlet channel, composting, and other products using a suitable where, wood rots, metal rust and concrete cracking

Joint Stock Company TOPlast Kosice, their projects are also involved in the LIFE

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