VH-FB EURO, s.r.o

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telephone:+420 776 199 689

NIP: 29113466

Company Description

VH-FB EURO, s.r.o deals with the recycling of plastics and plastic waste disposal.

VH-FB EURO, s.r.o buy and sell plastics of various types (PE, PP, PVC) and molds (crushed, pressed, piece ....).

They produce and trade in high quality recycled plastic materials

They supply filling masterbatches, additives and color masterbatches to manufacturers and processors.

Range of products / Services

- LDPE / HDPE and PP regranulates on own granulation line

- plastic waste in various forms - crushed and pressed foils, also foils on rolls, agglomerates, crumb and granules. We are interested in the following types of plastics: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PA, PS, ABS, POM, PVC, PET
- (LDPE) polyethylene film, stretch film, food film, recycled waste film, construction waste film, etc.

- additives for plastics processors
- quality fillers (Filler Masterbatch) for PE, PP, ABS, PC, PVC and other plastics.
- color masterbatches for PE and PP plastics.
- Desiccant Masterbatch

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