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Company Description

AURUM Chemicals s.r.o. is a distributor of materials, plastic granulates, additives, plastic modifiers, rubber, adhesives, paints and composites.

AURUM Chemicals s.r.o. specializes in chemical raw materials for plastics, rubber, electrotechnics, cosmetics industry and printing colors and coatings.

The company is the exclusive distributor of raw materials from major manufacturers around the world.

They provide a wide range of high quality products, professionally guidance and service, everything exactly according to your needs.

Company specialists will help you to select the appropriate raw material or substitute for the raw material you are currently using.

Range of products / Services


resins under the name Novarese, Ruetasolv, Ruetaflex for rubber applications, special coatings, adhesives for CZ, SK markets


specially modified silica silica under the name SIDISTAR®, SIDISHIELD®
for plastics applications (kompounds, fibers, expanded materials ...), WPC (wood plastics applications), rubber, paints, composites, adhesives ... for CZ, SK markets


Flame retardant additives under the trade name FR CROS®, Budit® for plastics applications,
coating materials

Laser marking additive under the name FABULASE® for plastic applications

We can also offer:
- a filler for plastics, rubber
- kaolin for rubber application / filler
- CaCO3 masterbatches as filler for plastics
- CaCO3 as a filler for paints
- Active ZnO for rubber applications
- CaZn stabilizers for PVC
- ATH, MDH as a flame retardant
- minerals / additives for applications - plastics, rubber, paints
- color masterbatches, antirodent / antitermit masterbatches for plastics
- technical components (PP, PE, PVC, PA ...)


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