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Other news in Plastika a.s. - PVC solid pipe

  • 14.11.2013

This year Plastika s.r.o.prepared further expand the range of plastic pipe systems.

This year we prepared another expansion of our assortment.  Smooth system of PVC-U has a new kind of pipes - pipes with solid wall. PVC-U smooth sewer pipes solid are produced in accordance with the standard STN EN 1401-1. This system is designed for construction of the sewerage networks and drainage connections for discharge of waste and rain waters up to temperature of 60˚C from homes, civil, industrial and agricultural objects up to degree of contamination which is not aggressive to PVC-U in accordance with TNI ISO/TR 10358 and elastomeric sealing rings. Pipes and fittings are joined through sticking socket joint with sealing elastomeric ring.

PVC - U hladké kanalizačné rúry plnostenné

The tightness of the socket joint is checked by an overpressure of 50 kPa. On request, we can execute static calculation of the placement of the piping in accordance with the recommendation STN 73 6734. Pipes are produced in orange-brown color. The products are certified in Slovakia, Czech republic and Hungary. Material used for the pipes and fittings production is recyclable. Fittings are suitable for pipes with rated circular rigidity SN2, SN4 and SN8.

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