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New HASCO shouldered locating guide pillars Z031/... with DLC coating

The new DLC-coated HASCO shouldered locating guide pillars Z031/…, satisfy the most stringent demands of injection moulding technology.

The DLC coating combines a high hardness with exceptional tribological properties in respect of friction, wear and lubrication. The outstanding wear resistance achieved through the high coating hardness, low friction values and excellent slip properties make a clear contribution towards extending mould service life and hence boosting productivity during the injection moulding process. Maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 80 percent through the use of DLC-coated components and the resultant freedom from maintenance.

If consistent use is made of coated standard mould units, the mould will not need to be lubricated at all. With their lubricant freedom the new locating guide pillars are ideally suited to the manufacture of products for the medical field and the food industry.

Uncoated mould components can be readily replaced by DLC-coated mould components, since the coating does not increase the dimensions. More than 500 sizes of the new DLC-coated shouldered locating guide pillars Z031/… are kept in stock. Benefit from the HASCO special-offer price for all orders received between 01.03 and 31.05.2014.



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