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Moretto: New micro dosing solutions

Expanded the range of dosing units of the DGM Gravix series, an unparalleled machine that stands out for high precision levels and production flexibility. The new DGM, specifically designed for micro dosing applications, encloses all the constructive and technological backgroung of the Gravix series. It satisfies the needs of all plastics processors who have to dose very small percentages of material. The innovative hopper design optimises a consistent mass flow for steady dosing and highest accuracy in any conditions.

The double eyelid shutter capable of opening and closing in 25 milliseconds combined with the Rotopulse technology and the free-weighing hopper make these feeders unsurpassed for all types of dosing situations. The VIS (Vibration Immunity System) overcomes one of the critical issues of the gravimetric dosing - vibrations - thus enabling them to be installed on the processing machines.

Moretto - new micro dispensers for plastic granulates 

DGM – Mini Gravix blender and DPK – Loss-in-weight dosing unit


To complete the solutions dedicated to micro-dosing, Moretto will showcase at the fair the DPK 8, which completes the range of loss-in-weight feeders for dosing small quantities of masterbatch or additives. The DPK 8 – like the other range models – is fitted with a hopper made of transparent shockproof acrylic material that makes the material content and loading level immediately visible and avoids any material stagnation on the walls. The hopper is easily interchangeable without tools for quick recipe changes.

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