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The intention is to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach to achieving continual improvement of energy efficiency, energy efficiency, energy use and consumption in the organization. ISO 50001 can be implemented in the organization itself, or even integrated, for example. with ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 is intended for all types of organizations that wish to have a set energy policy and the public be proved by a certificate. ISO 50001 is based on the model of management system of continuous improvement, where one of the monitoring parameters is also continuous improvement of energy management, resulting in financial savings.

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  • Röchling Industrial Tábor s. r. o.

    Röchling Industrial Tábor s. r. o.

    Plastic semi-finished products, extruded and molded sheets, rods, profiles and welding wires for 3 divisions: Automotive, Medical and Industrial.

  • Simona Plast-Technik s.r.o.

    Simona Plast-Technik s.r.o.

    SIMONA thermoplastic semi-finished products, plastic fittings, plastic pipes, tubes, hoses, pipes, plastic water pipes, plastic profiles, boards,...

  • VEGUM a.s.

    VEGUM a.s.

    Rubber production, extruded and pressed technical rubber, rubber compounds, rubber seals, rubber products, plastic and rubber profiles.

  • Weppler Czech s.r.o.

    Weppler Czech s.r.o.

    Plastic micro-filters, pressing of plastic parts, industrial filters, technical plastic parts, plastic moldings, plastic production for automotive.

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