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International Conference on Chemical Technology (ICCT 2015)

  • 25.04.2016 - 27.04.2016 | Mikulov | Česko
Dear Colleagues, on behalf of the Czech Society of Industrial Chemistry I would like to invite you to the 3rd International Conference on Chemical Technology (ICCT), which will take place in Mikulov from April 13 – 15, 2015.

The purpose of the conference is to promote mutual awareness and discussion among experts from the chemical industry (including small and medium-sized companies), universities and institutes of the ASCR.
The conference program will include plenary lectures about the chemical industry in the EU as well as around the world detailing the activities of chemically-oriented technology platforms and research centers. In other contributions we anticipate lectures and posters about the news in applied research and experimental development, in the heavy chemical industry and in specialized chemical industries.

Main topics:
● Energy Sources, Chemical Technologies and Materials
  - Petrochemicals and Organic Technology
  - Oil, Gas, Coal, Fuel, Biofuels
  - Polymers, Composites
  - Inorganic Technology, Material Engineering
  - Biotechnology
  - Pharmaceutical Technology

● Environmental Protection Technology
  - Waste Processing, Air and Water Protection, Technologies for the Decontamination of Soils
  - Secure Management Processes, Accidents Prevention, etc.
Dear friends, I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming conference ICCT 2015, which will be a great opportunity for technical discussions with your colleagues and friends and also to visit the beautiful city of Mikulov, known not only for its surroundings, but also its fine Moravian wines.

Assoc. Prof. Jaromír Lederer, Ph.D.
President of the Czech Society of Industrial Chemistry

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