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telephone:+420 585 157 811

NIP: 14615100
VAT: CZ14615100

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Orovnica 230
Orovnica 966 52
telephone: +421 456 780 910
fax: +421 456 780 929

Company Description

Mapro Slovakia s.r.o. was established in 2001. It provides sales of Haitian injection moulding machines and ZHAFIR VENUS full injection electric machines manufactured in a new factory 70 km from the Czech border in the German Ebermannsdorf. Furthermore, accessories for injection moulding machines, production automation, service and organising of training.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

» Complete portfolio of plastic injection machines
» Complex automation of production
» Chambers and screws for injection molding of all brands
» Training and technological support, including production optimization
» Hilectro, Sepro and other robotic systems, according to customer requirements
» Peripheral devices
» Camera control systems
» Professional and quality customer service
» Training and storage facilities, including a full-scale showroom


» Haitian injection presses - hydraulic machines from 60 to 6000 tons closing force.

Fully-electric injection molding machines Zhafir VENUS III 400 – 8000 kN, Zhafir ZERES III 400 – 13800 kN

Serie Venus - a pillar fully electric machine for automotive, medical and packaging industries. Fully electric machines have a high energy saving 20-80%. With a European design offers very unique tools Venus product with an interesting price.

» Robots ABB, Hilectro, Haitian by SEPRO

» Peripherals Moretto - feeders, dryers, conveyors - vacuum transport belt conveyors,*

» Peripherals DPS - sequential units - opening the nozzle control system

» Worms, rollers (RSP) tips & Scartthe plastic processing and robots normally used in plastic industry practice. The team of lecturers consists of qualified professionals who have years of experience in this field.

List of courses - year-round menu


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