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telephone:+420 739 697 829

NIP: BE 0729.903.026

Company Description

DELTARAY is a solution provider for in-line and near-line Xray quality-inspection. We provide state of the art Xray equipment for fully automated quality inspection @production speed using AI. Inspection of all your mission critical mechanical parts directly on the production floor becomes possible with our 3DAX technology.

Deltaray 3DAXTM technology provides a fully automated 3D–Xray scanning + quality analyses process fitting your manufacturing cycle-time. Starting from the product 3D CAD model as a digital twin, 3DAX combines 5 DOF pose automation with Deep Learning AI to provide reliable quality decisions that fit your manufacturing tolerances.

3DAX is up to 100x faster (seconds per part) than alternative 3D Xray inspection solutions. All Inspection data (image analyses, measurements …) are delivered to your Industry 4.0 data warehouse.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

AI enabled accelerated 3D Xray inspection covers a wide range of applications from critical parts to complex assemblies. Our systems are tuned to meet industry specific requirements and come with a fully automated workflow for inline quality inspection.


-  X100 - Automotive

-  X200 - Medical/Pharma



Using your CAD file as the master for form fitt inspections.

A unique method enabling engineering and quality to go hand in hand. Offering in one step a one on one comparison between the design and the production of a part at the highest precision.


Predict and prevent.

Data driven analytics for quality assurance to control and to improve your production processes.

Assisting production teams to predict the next maintenance intervention, prevent potential failures, identify process improvements.


Often quality teams remain occupied with solving yesterday’s quality problems.

Deltaray inspects all parts in real time and automatically generates inspection data per part.

Productivity dashboard for management to monitor performance to achieve company goals and satisfy customers.

Inspection dashboard used by the quality department for compliancy and traceability purposes to achieve their Quality 4.0 objectives.


Reports made available across departments and for quality reporting to customers.


Interface tool, allowing a dynamic interaction with your own digital archive system, to store and query all your inspection data and set up files.


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