MEPAC SK, s.r.o.

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NIP: 36429198
VAT: SK2021985339

Company Description

The company MEPAC SK, s.r.o. is a subsidiary of MEPAC CZ, s.r.o. We are focusing on the production, repair, and modification of injection molds (plastics, rubber, metal), process tools, cutting tools, and various preparations.

We`re using laser technologies (welding lasers, engraving lasers, and cutting lasers), of which in the development and construction we also participate.

In the field of collaborative robotics and automation, we actively develop solutions that help our customers and also save costs.

Our other activities are the sale of consumables for tool shops, plastics, and metalworking workshops. Also sales of welding, engraving and cutting lasers, machines, hand tools, services in the field of 3D measurement, scanning, reverse engineering, and much more.

Range of products / Services

  • Production of molds and tools:

- the production of molds up to 3,500 kg (large/small serial or prototype) of injection, blow molding, molding molds, and their parts
- we also producing cutting, process, and bending tools
- our construction team for CAD, CAM, MoldFlow (everything under one roof)

  • Na  Repair of molds and tools up to 20 tons (on-site unlimited):

– the unique our patented laser welding and engraving
– standard welding TIG, MIG
– patented micro pulse welding “LASE ONE”
– polishing up to mirror shine (automotive: headlights, products demanding on precision and geometry, non-automotive: medical, cosmetics, lightning industry etc.)
– technical polishing of demanding surfaces, surface refinement
– milling, excavating, grinding, wire cutting etc.
– mold spotting
– coating
– patterning and repairs of pattern
– renovation of damaged shapes back to the previous state

  • Laser Systems:

- the development of laser solutions
- laser systems solutions comprehensively cover the needs of high-quality laser welding, engraving, hardening, marking, and cutting
- laser solutions can be connected also with the robotic workplace or with the production line
- by laser welding services, we can provide welding of damaged shapes from small molds to the - largest ones (20 and more tons) welding of various - cutting and bending tools is also part of our services
- laser engraving and marking services
- precise laser cutting with an accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm (with a minimum thickness of the cutting gap of 0.1 mm )

  • Precision engineering:

– CAD/CAM cunstruction
– CNC milling, CNC excavating, CNC wire cutting, CNC production of graphite electrodes
– 3D measuring
– Laser and optical scanning
– Reverse engineering

  • Collaborative robotics:

The use of collaborative robots in the production process is a very efficient and safe solution for the automation of production processes. Replacing some monotonous processes in the production process with collaborative robots means savings in personnel costs for the production company, but also improving the entire production process and increasing the quality. We build our solutions mainly on the principle of simplicity, efficiency, and so-called jigsaw puzzle model so that they can be used not only for the application for which they were originally planned.

  • Machines and equipment:

Our division of sales of machines and equipment covers the complete portfolio of products from machinery and equipment through tools, developed MEPAC products, to complete accessories and spare parts needed not only in the company's maintenance departments.
The complete portfolio of tools and appliances from planchettes through grinding and polishing, workplace equipment, and welding. Our sales representatives will be glad to make a personal presentation for you directly from a fully equipped MEPAC car.


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