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Zenergo Separation Materials Testing Laboratory

In our sophisticated lab, we test all incoming and outgoing materials to ensure 100% confidence that separation is successful and the customer will be satisfied.Testing is carried out in a modern laboratory, which is currently equipped with several devices.

We are able to indentify unknown material, analyze material moisture or determine mass and volume index or melt flow.

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For this purpose we use the following modern devices:

Agilent Cary 630 FTIR spectrometer
Using this device, we are able to get excellent quantitative and qualitative information. Thanks to its high performance optics and high energy throughput, we can accurately and quickly analyze solids, pastes and gels. In our laboratory, we use the ATR technique, which is suitable for identifying unknown polymers or recognizing the percentage of copolymers. The spectrometer operates on the basis of infrared absorption.

KERN MLS-D moisture analyzer
This device analyzes moisture using an infrared emitter (400W). The measurement is carried out in a temperature range 40°- 160 °C. Results are given in %.

Dynisco LMI 5000 capillary plastometer
The device determines the mass and volume index of the melt flow or also the melt density of the polymer by extruding the molten material at a prescribed temperature and load. Plastometer Dynisco is designed according to ČSN EN ISO 1133.

ArgoLab TCF forced air dryer
To relieve the hydrophilic polymers of moisture found in some types of polymers, we use a forced air dryer. The dryer operates in a temperature range of 10°C-300°C. Using this dryer, we are able to detect the presence of PVC in PET flakes. We want to keep improving and therefore we plan to purchase other laboratory equipment in the future, eg. ZWICK 1456, which tests materials under pressure, tension and bending. Our target is to expand our portfolio of test methods to fulfill the customer’s wishes and requirements.

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