Polymer Plast s.r.o.

Strojnická 398, Mosty, 735 62 Český Těšín    Show on Map


NIP: 06797962

Company Description

The company Polymer Plast s.r.o. is a supplier of plastics - polyethylene, polypropylene, NTP, offgrade and high quality regranulate.

Polymer Plast s.ro. is engaged in the purchase, sale and distribution of materials for the plastics production plastic granules in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and European countries.

Assortment / Services

Plastic granulate

Film -
17,20, 23 micron film roofs


Bralen RB 03-23  

Bralen FA 03-01 

Bralen FB 2-16

Tipelin 6000B

Tipelin 6300B 

Tipelin FS 471-02

Tipelin FS 383-03

Tatren HM 50-46

Tatren HT 306

Tatren 25-11

Tipplen K 597

Tipplen K295A

Tatren HG 1007

Tipolen FC 234-55

Lupolen 2420D

Poliom H 030GP

Kazan 10803-020 from June

Kazan 15313-003 from June

Kazan 15813-020 from June

Ukrainian material HD- PE HXF 4810Kalush,


UZ- KOR GAZ HD-PE Fl 7000,

UZ- KOR GAZ HD- PE Bl 6200 - Uzbek material ( Taškent )

HDPE P6FE-68 - company Stavrolen 

PVC K 67

PVC proszek Neralit 581 , Neralit 682 .

PET : EKOPET 80 , Mogilev 8200



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