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SIMOGREEN PLA Filament For maximum precision in 3D printing

  • 14.08.2015

With the launch of its SIMOGREEN PLA Filaments, SIMONA is offering a reliable consumable for 3D printers in proven SIMONA quality – made in Germany.

The last decades have seen the development of numerous 3D printing processes; these are additive manufacturing techniques in which components are produced directly from CAD data without the kind of shaping tools used in areas such as injection-moulding or thermoforming.
3D printing process

In 3D printing with polymer filaments, the molten filament is deposited in layers through a movable nozzle to form a three-dimensional structure. The individual layers fuse into one another and the material solidifies as it cools, allowing complex geometries to be realised as 3D models.
Consistent material quality

Due to the ease with which they  can be processed, filaments made of the bio-based plastic PLA (polyactide) are particularly suitable for  3D printing. Thanks to the informed  choice of raw material, systematic  adjustment of the formula and comprehensive testing, SIMONA has developed a PLA filament offering  an outstanding and above all consistent material quality. SIMONA can also supply 3D printing filaments in PETG as well as  HIPS support material on request.
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