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Company Description

Tool shop ISPE TOOL SERVICE, s.r.o. provides services in the field of maintenance, repair and modification of injection molds. It has a range of technologies that, in combination with many years of experience, guarantee clients the delivery of high quality services. The quality of service of injection molds is supported by a shower press, on which the delivered injection molds are checked up to the dimensions of clamping plates 1000 × 700 mm and weight 3 tons, and if necessary the dividing plane of the injection mold is adjusted in agreement with the customer.

In addition, the tool shop offers the possibility of repairing injection molds directly at the customer's site, if the state of damage allows it. The offer also includes regular preventive maintenance, which will ensure the continuous suitability of injection molds according to the requirements of quality systems.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Maintenance of injection molds

  • cleaning, removal of splashes, control of dividing planes, lubrication of molds, conservation of molds

Repair of injection molds

  • damaged shapes, damaged mold components, sprays, parting planes, polishing of shapes and inlet systems

Modifications of injection molds

  • change of shapes as required

Injection molding of injection molds

  • control of dividing planes, fitting of dividing planes

Tool shop equipment:

1x EDM / EDM / - max. table load 1350 kg, max. dimensions of the machined part 1250x700x300 mm
2x EDM / EDM / - max. table load 500 kg, max. dimensions of the machined part 900x500x200 mm
High-speed CNC milling machine for graphite electrodes
Digital measuring profile projector with an accuracy of 0.005 mm
Shower press - size of magnetic clamping plates 1000 × 700 mm, max. closing force 70 tons
Gantry crane - max. load capacity 8 tons
Micropulse welder with a microscope
TIG welder
Surface grinder
36 zone controller for hot inlet heating
Hydraulic unit for controlling hydraulic cores

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