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    • Plastic boards HPS 1200x390 mm

      For Sale : Plastic boards HPS 1200x390 mm

      • 01.04.2021
      • ID: 202113671

      We offer HPS plastic boards in the size of 1200x390mm suitable for advertising-information boards, as well as for vacuum forming. TL.3 - color white, green, orange, yellow; TL.1,5 - color blue. One-sided glossy surface protected by foil. All for 50% of the price of board material.

    • Ps Plate

      For Sale : Ps Plate

      • 27.04.2020
      • ID: 202011619

      Kamionové množstvá

    • PP tekpol 5t

      For Sale : PP tekpol 5t

      • 24.02.2020
      • ID: 202011330

      PP tekpol

    • LDPE boards

      For Sale : LDPE boards

      • 03.02.2020
      • ID: 202011232

      We offer LDPE boards according to the attachment. The boards were designed for the production of toys with 0+ certification. The project was closed so they would be available at a certainly bargain price. If necessary we can send photos, certificates, samples or any other information.

    • PS discs

      For Sale : PS discs

      • 30.01.2020
      • ID: 202011211

      offer PS disce for sale

    • Medical grade polymer shapes (rods and sheets)

      For Sale : Medical grade polymer shapes (rods and sheets)

      • 10.12.2019
      • ID: 201911006

      Westlake Plastics offers a wide range of medical grade polymer shapes for various medical applications (such as instruments, implants, handles, trays, brackets, etc...) among which: Propylux HS (PP rods), Propylux HS2 (PP sheets), Radel R-5500 (PPSU), Tempalux (PEI), Zelux GS (PC), Lennite (implantable UHMWPE).

    • ABS Sheet

      For Sale : ABS Sheet

      • 18.10.2019
      • ID: 201910727

      - To 130 cm width
      - Free length
      - 1-6 mm thickness  
      We have manufactured ABS,HIPS,GPPS,PS Plastic Sheet with color you desire and various patterns.

    • PC/ABS

      For Sale : PC/ABS

      • 11.09.2019
      • ID: 201910599

      We sell 10t PC / ABS fr bayblend for more info at or+420 608 074 363

    • Plastic Sheets

      For Sale : Plastic Sheets

      • 22.08.2019
      • ID: 201910539

      ABS sheet,HIPS sheet,GPPS sheet for thermoformed plastic products we have manufactured.ABS sheet can be used for automative plastic parts,medical plastic parts,construction plastic parts etc. GPPS Sheet can be used for shower cabin glass.We can manufacture any color with various patterns and we can make pattern by request.

    • PMMA cuttings

      For Sale : PMMA cuttings

      • 11.08.2019
      • ID: 201910489

      For sale: PMMA shavings from 2mm to 20mm thick. Formats varying in size from 10x10 cm to 30x100 cm. Regular sampling. If you are interested in the purchase, please ask for a price including shipping.

    • PVC Tubes

      For Sale : PVC Tubes

      • 18.07.2019
      • ID: 201910391

      I offer for sale PVC tubes

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