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    • Rubber granulate line

      For Sale : Rubber granulate line

      • 25.06.2021
      • ID: 202114190

      We offer for sale a line for the production of granulate from tires, the age of the line is 4 years, in operation for one year.
      The total output of the line is 1.8 t / h at the inlet.
      More information in the attached description.

    • Recycling line Gamma Meccanica + Tecnofer

      For Sale : Recycling line Gamma Meccanica + Tecnofer

      • 05.01.2021
      • ID: 202112999

      Complete recycling line for sale, including a TECNOFER wash system and a Gamma Meccanica GM 125-43D extruder. The line is complete, fully operational and until it is replaced with a larger one, it is possible to see it during operation.
      Capacity on LDPE 550-600kgs / h
      Big bag capacity - +/- 400 kg / h
      The line also offers a Depur Padana process water treatment plant Additionally, for bigbag recycling, we can also offer two cutting units dedicated to PP raffia Price to be determined, machines to be viewed on site, please contact us!

    • Plastic recycling technology

      For Sale : Plastic recycling technology

      • 23.11.2020
      • ID: 202012798

      The offer of technologies of the company FINBAU a.s. - Měnín 440, Sekerkovy Loucky1) Conveyor beltBelt length 6 m, belt width 90 cm, transport height 230 cmdrive: 1.5 kw engine2) ZERMA GS 400/600 r.v. 2005engine power 50 kwrotor knives 5x2stator knives 1x2Weight 3500 kg3) Slow-running plastic crusher AMIS - ZERMA ZWS - 1000 r.v. 2009motor power 30 Kwrotor knives 27 pcs. Stator 4 pcs. - laid side by side (each has 250 mm)pressure plate, crusher stand, stairs.Machine weight 5000 kg --- Sold ---4) High-speed crusher FB 40 - drive motor 50 Kw- rotor knife 4 x 400 mm- stator knife 2 x 400 mm- stable at BIG - BAG- transport fan- piping system- operator platform, pick-up tableTotal weight - 3500 kg5) Flotation bath - width 2.2 m, length 15 m, height 2.1 m. The device is not complete, the drive of foil carriers is missing. Discharge auger on foil in stainless steel design, discharge auger on waste stainless steel design. Engines and gearboxes are dismantled from the extraction augers. Capacity 500-1000 kg / hour depending on the materialWeight - 22,000 kg6) Centrifuges (friction washing) on foilThe device consists of three parts- conveyor screw for centrifuges in stainless steel design. It is not complete, engine and gearbox are missing- centrifuge I. drive 37 Kw, centrifuge diameter 80 cm - in operation- centrifuge II. Drive 22 Kw, centrifuge diameter 80 cm - in operationCentrifuges are included in the series, capacity 500 - 1000 kg / hour depending on the processed material.Weight - 6000 kg7) Drying equipment for washed LDPE foilThe device consists of eight parts- wet silo with a volume of 5 m3 (engine, gearbox and auger missing)- transport fan 11 Kw- drying fan 33.5 Kw 2950 rpm with labyrinth- drying oven 90 Kw- dosing until fan drying (no motor)- cyclone, piping system- plate maze drying-silo on dry film with mixing and dosing with a volume of 13.5 m3 Weight 8000 kgMachine weight 8000 kg8) Extruder 130 mm, pressure hopper, plate filter, cutting on the head, centrifugecomplete extruder for the production of LDPE refranulate from washed LDPE foil.Extruder output up to 800 kg / hourThe device consists of the following parts:- pressure hopper motor 15 kw + mixing silo on foil 4 m3- extruder screw diameter 130 mm motor input 200 kw, heating chamber 120 kw- plate filter for sieves with a diameter of 170 mm- cutting on the head- water trough with centrifugeThe device is in poor technical condition, it is not functional, there are no frequency converters in the switchboards, poor condition of the electrical installationMachine weight 15,000 kg9) Storage silo for regranulate (3 pcs. Large silo, 1 pc. Small silo)3 pcs - height of silos 600 cm, diameter of silos 300 cm, volume of silos 14 m31 pc - silo height 600 cm, silo diameter 200 cm, volume 6 m3Weight 6000 kg10) Baler 120x80x150cmhorizontal press for packaging foil, paper, hard plastics. Packages weighing 500 kgwe do not know the manufacturer.Weight 6000 kg11) Baler 60x100x80 cmvertical press for wrapping foil and paper Bales weighing 150 kgWe do not know the manufacturerWeight 1500 kg12) Agglomerator 75 kwengine power 75 kwagglomerator output 100 kg / hour, hopper diameter 1mMachine weight 2000 kg13) Extruder for mixed plastics BOCOMATIC -EB / 2A-90-70 / 38-30 for processing of mixed plastics (polyolefins) - production of fence program- machine descriptionBOCOMATC extruder with conical screw 90-70 mm, degassing, motor power 30 kw, working screw length 38 L / D. 4 x heating zone, total heating input 20 kw.- pressure hopper with a diameter of 90 mm, motor power 7.5 kw- turret system for changing the forms of the fence system- molds for fence system 3 pcsTotal weight 10,000 kg14) Electric Crane (cat)- load capacity 1000 kg- stroke 4.5 mWeight 1500 kg15) Knife grinderequipment out of service, needs to be refurbished. Manufacturer unknown, dimensions 6000x1000x1200 cm.Weight 5000 kg-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Other technologies for sale - location of Měnín 440 plant16) Slow - running crusher 2x11 kw - BOCO U 40slow-running four-shaft crusher with automatic reversalpower consumption of motors 2 x 11 kwsieve with 25 mm hole diametermachine output 300 - 800 kg / h depending on the materialmachine weight 3 t17) AVIAN G50 / 80 high-speed crusherengine power 55 kwrotor knives 5 pcsstator knives 4pcstransport fan + stand for BIG-BAG, piping systemtotal weight 2.5 kg18) BOCO PRESS 40 balerpackage size 120x80x100one chamberpressure 400 Kpamachine weight 2000 kg19) Conveyor belttransport length 6 mwidth 50 cmtransport height 2.2 m - adjustableengine power 1.1 kw20) Mixing silo 3 m3- volume of silo 3m3- mixing motor 4 kw- force height 420 cm- Machine weight max. 600 kg21) Mixing silo 3.3 m3 2 pcs- silo volume 3.3 m3- drive motors missing- force height 400 cm- weight 1 pc. Max 600 kgWe will send prices and photo documentation on request. Inspections of the machines are possible by prior telephone or email agreement.The offer was prepared by: Petr Novotnýtel .: 733733166email: novotny@finbau.czFinbau a.s.Měnín 440, 664 57 Měnín

    • COGELME metall seperation

      For Sale : COGELME metall seperation

      • 09.11.2020
      • ID: 202012734

      Model: COGELME VV-55
      Year of construction: 2011
      Weight: 210
      Motor: 0.30 KW
      extremely strong magnet for separating stainless steel!

    • heavy media speration system

      For Sale : heavy media speration system

      • 09.11.2020
      • ID: 202012730

      2-stage swim-sink separation system for mixed shredder and regrind
      • Feed screw raw material
      • Material entry with separating medium
      • Separating tank V2A with floating paddle
      • Discharge screw for sinking fraction with drainage, big bag filling
      • Centrifugal dryer for swimming fraction
      • Feed screw to the 2nd separation container
      • Settling tank for separating medium, submersible pumps for separating medium
      • Material entry with separating medium
      • Separating container V2A with floating paddle
      • Discharge screw for sinking fraction
      • Centrifugal dryer for the sink fraction
      • Conveyor screw with Big Bag filling, sink fraction
      • Settling tank for separating medium, submersible pump for separating medium
      • Centrifugal dryer for swimming fraction
      • Conveyor screw with big bag filling floating fraction
      • Control cabinet CE compliant for controlling the entire system, cabling

    • Recycling line for passenger tires

      For Sale : Recycling line for passenger tires

      • 25.10.2020
      • ID: 202012633

      I will sell a smaller recycling line for passenger tires, process 1.5 - 3 tons of tires per shift, service 2 - 3 workers. The output is rubber granulate, iron and textile raw material. It is possible to buy an EPDM / SBR paver finisher, EPDM / SBR spraying equipment, - use for roof waterproofing, sports surfaces, etc., as well as a vulcanization press for the production of rubber paving. We offer recipes, certificates and operational experience for the line. The line is in operation, it is possible to arrange the lease of the line in the current premises. The price of renting the entire line = 2,500.00 € / month including energy, Price for the sale of the line = 125,000.00 € or by agreement

    • Regranulation line PVC

      For Sale : Regranulation line PVC

      • 17.06.2020
      • ID: 202011886

      We sell a complete regranulation line suitable for PVC regranulation. Possibly also in installments. Price 45,300 EUR

    • Granulating machine for string regranulation lines

      For Sale : Granulating machine for string regranulation lines

      • 19.03.2020
      • ID: 202011466

      The company CHODOS CHODOV offers you a new product in its range, granulating machine. The granulation machine is intended for granulation of strings made of polyolefins and thermoformable plastics produced by the extrusion method.

      See the appendix for more information. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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