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    • Plastic strips (suitable for refrigerators, freezers)

      For Sale : Plastic strips (suitable for refrigerators, freezers)

      • 17.06.2021
      • ID: 202114162

      We offer transparent lamella curtains for doors and gates or as a barrier to the entire room. In addition to saving ventilated cold, the service life of refrigeration units is extended and the frequency of service repairs is reduced. We supply the product in galvanized and stainless steel variants, standard and freezer type plastics. More at

    • FREMACH TRNAVA - Garden lawn edge

      For Sale : FREMACH TRNAVA - Garden lawn edge

      • 21.05.2021
      • ID: 202114026

      Plastic edge is an ideal solution for dividing garden areas (grass, mulch bark, gravel, sidewalks). The height of the edge is 4.5 cm and the length is 100 cm. You can comfortably insert the individual pieces into each other and lay out the length as required. The Plastic Edge is very easy to shape and create inner or outer arches. The Edge is made of UV-stable plastic, which resists sunlight and frost. The Edge fully replaces the concrete curb, which is difficult to transport, handle or install and pulls moisture out of the soil, which causes yellow lawns next to the concrete and thus spoils the impression of a beautiful realized garden.

    • 200ml plastic bottle + disk top

      For Sale : 200ml plastic bottle + disk top

      • 18.05.2021
      • ID: 202113969

      12.000 pcs for sale, new, not used

    • Composite stretch film

      For Sale : Composite stretch film

      • 22.03.2021
      • ID: 202113586

      Our own developped three-layer stretch film from recycled materials has high adhesion (stickiness) and prestretch over 300%. In addition, thanks to the new filtration system, the film has a transparent appearance with minimal inclusions. It was experimentally established that the three-layer stretch we produce is not inferior in physical and mechanical properties to the primary stretch film. It allows our customers to save on the cost of packaging while not losing its quality. We also have composite stretch film from premium grade recycled granules. Composite stretch is a full-fledged analogue of the primary film. Suitable for hand and machine palletizing. Composite stretch is a relatively new type of stretch film, it is environmentally friendly and 30-50% cheaper than primary film. The composite stretch perfectly copes with all palletizing tasks as the primary one.

    • Car parts

      To purchase : Car parts

      • 31.01.2021
      • ID: 202113221

      I will buy car parts, used, damaged, new, headlights, bumpers, etc.

    • Bottle caps

      For Sale : Bottle caps

      • 22.08.2020
      • ID: 202012225

      I am selling a larger number of caps for bottles 2 types of colors - transparent - white Total number of 5 bigbags. (We can bring throughout Slovakia / Czech Republic) Suitable for the production of the chemical industry ...

    • PVC Tubes

      For Sale : PVC Tubes

      • 30.01.2020
      • ID: 202011213

      I offer for sale PVC tubes

    • Plastic / rubber boards

      To purchase : Plastic / rubber boards

      • 27.10.2019
      • ID: 201910752

      I buy plastic or rubber boards to cover the surface of the RC track. The material can also be used. The area to cover 200-300 square meters. Also offer a smaller quantity.

    • Roof and fasade covering ECOROOF

      For Sale : Roof and fasade covering ECOROOF

      • 04.09.2019
      • ID: 201910575

      We produce small-format roof and fasade covering ECOROOF, lightweight, shape stability, resistant to climatic influences, easy installation. Use - sloping roofs from slope 20°, facade cladding... Dimension: 400 x 400 x 3,2 mm Info:, Jindřich Mikulecký +420 777 170 172,

    • PS discs

      For Sale : PS discs

      • 18.07.2019
      • ID: 201910394

      I offer PS disce for sale

    • Ballot boxes, draw boxes and voting boxes

      For Sale : Ballot boxes, draw boxes and voting boxes

      • 23.06.2019
      • ID: 201910270

      Ballot boxes, draw boxes and voting boxes. The box is lockable and has a lock with 2 keys, made of quality clear plexiglass thickness 3 - 15mm. Top quality, discount up to 30%.

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