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    • Testing of plastic products and an accredited laboratory

      Cooperation : Testing of plastic products and an accredited laboratory

      • 30.08.2021
      • ID: 202114441

      Laboratory accredited by SNAS in accordance with EN ISO / IEC 17025. We test plastic products according to various standards of automotive concerns:
      BMW (GS, LH, PRV)
      Fiat Ford (FLTM)
      GM - Opel (GM, GMW, GME)
      Jaguar (STJLR, TPJLR)
      KIA (MS)
      Mercedes (DBL)
      Nissan (NES)
      Porsche (PTL)
      PSA + Renault (D)
      Suzuki (SES)
      Toyota (TSL, TEM, TSH, TSZ)
      Volvo (STD)
      VW Group (VW, TL, PV)
      For more information and requests for quotations, send to the given e-mail. we thank you

    • Free testing capacity

      Cooperation : Free testing capacity

      • 17.05.2021
      • ID: 202113958

      We offer free testing capacity on the Xenotest Alfa + device (artificial accelerated aging testing) according to the following standards:
      STN EN ISO 4892-2
      PV 1303
      PV 3929
      PV 3930
      VDA 75202: 2001
      STN EN ISO 105-B06
      STN EN 20105-A02
      STN EN ISO 105-A05
      Information: J.Koutný, e-mail:

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