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    • Optacom LC10

      For Sale : Optacom LC10

      • 13.10.2021
      • ID: 202114612

      I am selling a contourograph Optacom LC10, he is 3 years old. Price 25,000 € https://www.optacom.com/de/maschienen/uebersicht-maschinen.html

    • Glass cleaning line

      For Sale : Glass cleaning line

      • 27.09.2021
      • ID: 202114554

      We offer for sale line for glass cleaning

    • Paketovací lis

      For Sale : Paketovací lis

      • 18.08.2021
      • ID: 202114413

      Manufacturer Intech - Czech manufacturer, HPL - 40 A-N
      - new, original including documentation.
      Working pressure 20 MPa
      El. system 3x 400 V
      Power consumption 5.5 kW
      Weight 2200 kg
      Price by agreement.
      In stock for a tour of Sedlčany.

    • Automatic line for the production of bags from PE bubble foil

      For Sale : Automatic line for the production of bags from PE bubble foil

      • 17.08.2021
      • ID: 202114409

      I am selling an automatic line for the production of bags from polyethylene bubble wrap model GC -1100 model GC -1100. The line was purchased in 2014 for 1 mil. CZK, in 2016 there was a refurbishment in the amount of CZK 0.5 million and the purchase of components for CZK 0.3 million. Negotiable price CZK 500,000. Information on the phone +420721415622.

    • Balkancar tractor

      For Sale : Balkancar tractor

      • 30.07.2021
      • ID: 202114358

      We offer for sale a Balcancar ET5 tractor s.č. 21010181 ET Year of production 11/2010 Mileage 4,546 MTH Load capacity 5,000 kg Battery 450 Ah Charger one 90A charger We also offer a wagon for this tractor.

    • Self cleaning screen changer

      For Sale : Self cleaning screen changer

      • 22.07.2021
      • ID: 202114343

      During the changer operation, the contaminated screen material is collected by the rotary knives. The collected waste material is redirected to the channel and automatically removed by the valve located in the lower part of the changer housing. The changer works in a continuous mode, while the valve is opened temporarily.
      The most important advantages:
      • Constant pressure of the flowing material, which means that the operating parameters remain unchanged
      • Large filtration area
      • Automatic operation, operator support is kept to a minimum

    • Cutter FREP

      For Sale : Cutter FREP

      • 13.07.2021
      • ID: 202114312

      Hello, we offer for sale a portal milling machine FREP 12x35,manufacture 1985.
      Price 20 000 €, - for quick negotiations with own dismantling 15 000 €, - or agreement.
      Contact: Mišovic Michal +421 905 635 081

    • Granulate dryer Moretto, complet 2 pcs

      For Sale : Granulate dryer Moretto, complet 2 pcs

      • 09.07.2021
      • ID: 202114281

      We offer for sale 2 sets of Moretto granule dryers with a volume of 200 L, unused, year of manufacture 2014, manufacturer Moretto, Italy. In case of interest, please send offer with proposed repurchase price and conditions. In case of technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    • Camera protection of the mold

      To purchase : Camera protection of the mold

      • 21.06.2021
      • ID: 202114171

      I am buying 3 pieces of used camera mold protection (Avalon, Kiens .....)
      USE FOR CONTROL: Positions of ejectors. Establishment of the resort. Locations of the resort. Removal of the molding.

    • Lubricant ULTRAPLEX LT-2 - 20kg

      For Sale : Lubricant ULTRAPLEX LT-2 - 20kg

      • 21.06.2021
      • ID: 202114167

      Mineral base oil lubricant a
      lithium soap with EP additives (for extreme pressure).
      The use:
      -Bearings exposed to high mechanical
      load, high temperatures and the presence of water,
      such as pellet forming machines, automobiles,
      agricultural machinery and construction machinery
      -Bears for fans, ovens and dryers
      In the textile industry, the wood industry,
      plastic, food and beverage industries.
      -Bylinder bearings and steam heated cylinders
      -Due to its soft consistency it is special
      designed for lubrication in centralized systems.
      Normal working temperature:
      from 150 ° C to 160 ° C, for a short time 200 ° C up to 220 ° C.
      Price: 81.90 € / package without VAT.

    • Packaging press PL 12

      For Sale : Packaging press PL 12

      • 17.06.2021
      • ID: 202114160

      We sell a fully functional baler PL 12 r.v. 1981, manufacturer Kovo Cheb, power 4.8 kW.
      Price 1,500 EUR + VAT

    • Stairs to the machine

      For Sale : Stairs to the machine

      • 10.11.2020
      • ID: 202012739

      For injection molding machine, price without VAT 269,- Eur

    • Press HSM 500.1 VL

      For Sale : Press HSM 500.1 VL

      • 25.09.2020
      • ID: 202012426

      We offer a vertical semi-automatic pressing machine HSM 500.1 VL. Quality German work. Bale size per pallet (approx. 120x80x120cm), bale weight approx. 300-600kg depending on material, pressing pressure 54 tons, pressing cycle 40s, opening vertically for easier filling. Regular service and oil change. Pressed on average 1-1.5 bales per day (in total, the press has worked approximately 4000 bales). Maximum output 1 package per hour (tested). Binding with wire, twine or tape (in four places). Older model of the press, which is why reliable (even in the words of a service technician). Press weight 1.9 tons. The press can be seen in the village of Přišimasy by telephone appointment (20 km east from Prague).

    • Rheometer Monsanto R100

      For Sale : Rheometer Monsanto R100

      • 24.09.2020
      • ID: 202012408

      We offer for sale Monsanto R100 rheometer, with digital temperature control, with installed interface for CompuGraph (PC, converter, cables), without printer. Year of production: 2006 Maintained, calibration valid until 04/2020 Serviceable, ready to use. Price negotiable

    • Shelving

      For Sale : Shelving

      • 18.09.2020
      • ID: 202012377

      We want to sell shelves according to the pictures with stackers at a price of 1900 Euros without VAT

    • Press containers

      For Sale : Press containers

      • 14.09.2020
      • ID: 202012351

      I am selling press containers.

    • Sisma MySint 100 3d printer

      For Sale : Sisma MySint 100 3d printer

      • 10.08.2020
      • ID: 202012148

      Technical parameters
      Forming space 100 x 100 mm
      Fiber Laser 200 W power supply
      Laser spot diameter 55 ILM or 30 ILM
      Typical applied layer thickness is 20 or 40 ILM
      Inert gas nitrogen, argon
      Filter unit removable
      Machine dimensions (WxDxH) 1,390 x 777 x 1,600 mm
      Machine weight 650 Kg

    • Industrial air conditioning

      For Sale : Industrial air conditioning

      • 04.08.2020
      • ID: 202012107

      Industrial air conditioning for cooling industrial machines

    • Container abroll

      For Sale : Container abroll

      • 21.07.2020
      • ID: 202012056

      We offer for sale a net container with a roof, type BK36, manufactured by Brukov spol. s r.o., volume 36 m3, load capacity 15,000 kg, weight 2435 kg. Price 3 400 EUR, price negotiable. For more information, via email neubauer@globalrecyling.cz

    • GUT Sirosort HB - 11 optical sorting table for plastic separation

      For Sale : GUT Sirosort HB - 11 optical sorting table for plastic separation

      • 21.07.2020
      • ID: 202012053

      We offer for sale an optical sorting table for plastic separation GUT Sirosort HB - 11, year of manufacture 2015. Optical separation of plastic material, identification of the type of waste using an optical lens. Pneumatic separation of 6 types of plastics in one process. Possibility of setting for all types of plastics (separation of up to 6 types of plastics in one process). Possibility of sale with a metal above-ground structure and a belt conveyor - price negotiable. Price for sorting table 46 000 Eur, price negotiable. For more information, via email neubauer@globalrecyling.cz

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