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    • Plastic dryer

      For Sale : Plastic dryer

      • 04.08.2020
      • ID: 202012108

      I am selling a plastic dryer

    • Zig zag air separator

      For Sale : Zig zag air separator

      • 21.07.2020
      • ID: 202012058

      We offer for sale a zig zag air separator, separation based on the bulk density of the material using air flow, the possibility of use for dedusting the material. Price 3000 EUR, price negotiable.

    • Drum separator

      For Sale : Drum separator

      • 21.07.2020
      • ID: 202012057

      We offer a drum sorter. Mesh size 50 mm, length 6200 mm, diameter 1200 mm blades inside the drum for constant movement of material, electric motor drive, power input 5.5 kW. Price 4 500 EUR, price negotiable. For more information, via email

    • Bale opener

      For Sale : Bale opener

      • 21.07.2020
      • ID: 202012055

      We offer for sale a bale opener, year of manufacture 2015, complete renovation in 2020 (new conveyor belt, new rotors). Separate switchboard with control. Reversing of shafts and conveyor. Price 10.000 EUR. Price negotiable

    • Press container ASK20

      For Sale : Press container ASK20

      • 21.07.2020
      • ID: 202012054

      We offer for sale a press container ASK 20, manufacturer IVP CZ a.s., year of manufacture 2015, power input 5.5 kw, the possibility of connection to the hydraulic circuit of the vehicle, pressing possible without electricity, weight 4,400 kg, volume 19 m3. Price 13 000 Eur, price negotiable. For more information, via email

    • Granulate dryer

      To purchase : Granulate dryer

      • 17.06.2020
      • ID: 202011887

      I will buy a smaller granulate dryer - for 12 kg or 25 Kg.

    • Water Cooler 50Kw Weinreich

      For Sale : Water Cooler 50Kw Weinreich

      • 12.05.2020
      • ID: 202011682

      Water cooling unit for injection moulding and other technologies of plastic manufacturing. Wery good condition. Whole maintenance history and documentation available. Made in Germany.

    • Air Cooled Chiller

      For Sale : Air Cooled Chiller

      • 12.05.2020
      • ID: 202011678

      air cooled chiller,water cooled chiller,hybrid chiller,dry cooler

    • Industrial Chiller

      For Sale : Industrial Chiller

      • 12.05.2020
      • ID: 202011677

      air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, hybrid chiller, dry cooler

    • Moretto XD2 TX and F1 F30 K dryers

      For Sale : Moretto XD2 TX and F1 F30 K dryers

      • 23.04.2020
      • ID: 202011598

      Moretto XD2 TX mini dryers - Sky line Hopper capacity: 12dm3 Air flow: 3-10 Nm3 Double-bed technology Anti-stress system Dew Point -70°C (-94°F) The TX series mini dryer has been deeply restyled thanks to the revolutionary OTX hopper. Dedicated to optical applications and to technical injection moulding, the dryer unit together with the OTX have increased its performance and realize a combination of extraordi-nary energy efficiency, +66%.- Advanced touch view control- Adaptive airflow- USB portmake these units leaders in the market.The TX series touch view control is arranged for the Venturi loader control. The RS 485 serial port allows the connection to the MOWIS supervisor Dry Air Minidryer is a high performance machine for the treatment of technical polymers: the adaptive airflow protects material from stress, the hopper loading is managed by the dryer control box, very simple programming thanks to the color touch view with icons interface.The programming of the machine only requires the setting of two parameters: - Material type- ThroughputEveryting else is automatic. F1 F30 K the single phase hopper loader The single phase hopper loaders are a reliable and competitive solution for material feeding at the process machine side. They are equipped with a powerful two-stage turbine and with automatic filter cleaning as standard. They are reliable over time due to the stainless steel construction. They are prearranged for the ratio valve application. F1 F30 K is small powerful dryer, particularly suitable for the optical division and for technical moulding. Compact, practical and high performing thanks to its zeolite double tower design. Suitable for operation with non-dried circuit compressed air. Dew Point -70°C Max. temperature 180°C Anti-stress system to protect polymers from overheating Automatic airflow Equipped with the revolutionary shockproof OTX hopper Colour touch view control Automatic operation by setting only two parameters, material and productivity Weekly timer as standard USB port Provision for control of Venturi feeder The high efficiency of the dryer and the OTX hopper creates an extraordinarily efficient combination in terms of energy efficiency: + 66%. Technical data: Blower power: 1000W Throughtput: 30 kg/h Control pressure: 4 - 8 bar Vacuum: 248 mbar ( 3,6 psi ) Power supply: 230V 50/60 Hz / 1F+N+PE Index of protection: IP42 Price: 2 699 EUR without tax

    • Temperature control units Wittmann TP-Plus140

      For Sale : Temperature control units Wittmann TP-Plus140

      • 11.03.2020
      • ID: 202011431

      Used temperature control units Wittmann TP-Plus140 - 10kW.
      Year of manufacture 2005.
      Price: 15.000, - CZK/unit.
      Contact: 00420/777 34 80 84.

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