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NIP: 29269661

Company Description

ZENERGO Recycling is young and progressive company focusing on separating plastic granulates and shredded plastics. Our modern sorters are capable of colour sorting, metal/electrostatic and mainly our sorting system based on laser spectroscopy which separates previously inseparable plastics with highest precision and speed (eg. PE from ABS both of black colour).

ZENERGO Recycling
 focus is to provide best sorting service of hard-to-sort materials.
We are also buying and purchasing plastics across all Europe.

Range of products / Services

PET, ABS, PP, PE, PC, HIPS, PVC, PA6, PA66, POM, PBT - regranulates and grits

In our sophisticated lab, we test all incoming and outgoing materials to ensure 100% confidence that separation is successful and the customer satisfied. For this purpose we use 3 modern devices:

The Agilent Technologies FTIR spectrometer, based on infrared absorption or reflection, identifies polymers and determines the composition of the material used for following laser separation.

KERN moisture analyzer. It use samples drying with 400W infrared emitter and the humidity output results are with 0,001% precision.

The LMI capillary rheometer can provide a wide range of data, which include not only the melt flow index (MFI), but also the shearstress, shear rate and melt deformation density and offers a wide range of test conditions.

Due to a wide range of materials we separate, our laboratory also provide custom tests for external companies or business partners from across the EU. The price for testing is always set individually according to the customer's requirements and needs.


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