Vero Trade Sp. z o.o.

Fabryczna 10, 620 65 Grodzisk Wielkopolski    Show on Map

telephone:+48 614 453 230

NIP: 389954933

Company Description

Vero Trade Sp. Zoo. focuses on recycling plastic waste for its further use in the form of regranulates.

They also cooperates with suppliers in Europe and Asia. The experience gained on the German and Asian markets is reflected in the high quality of the products.

Range of products / Services

Regranulation of plastics, production of regranulates, supply of regranulates:

    • black ABS regranulate

    • gray ABS regranulate

    • black PP regranulate

    • gray PS regranulate

    • black PS regranulate

    • regranulates HIPS, PMMA, SAN, ASA, POM



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