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Company Description

For 20 years we are involved in the development of 3D digital technologies. These technologies are successfully implemented in a number of Czech and foreign companies. Long-term we have followed the latest trends in technology aimed at the progressive development of products in engineering and automotive industries. We partner with manufacturers in all industries, engineers and designers, research institutes, schools and art studios. Any technology you can verify through our services. The complex offer of MCAE Systems concludes our own industrial design studio.


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Assortment / Services

  • Comprehensive Services of Rapid Prototyping and Vacuum Casting

For your development projects we offer a comprehensive range of 3D printers by Stratasys, based on FDM technology using durable ABS thermoplastic, ULTEM, polycarbonates and PolyJet technology for very elaborate 3D prints with the possibility to simulate transparent materials as well as combining the properties of several materials in one model during 3D printing process. By combining two materials at the input, it is possible to create a composite "digital material" with specific properties. Thus, it is possible to choose from more than 100 combinations, and accurately simulate the properties of prototypes that will be close to the properties of the end product.

We also offer fabrication of plastic and wax castings in a vacuum and their final lacquered finish. We are able to prepare your 3D prints and castings in the dimension of 1m (upon request even larger). The technology of vacuum casting in silicone molds saves up to 90% of the cost and time in production of prototype parts compared with the conventional production of metal molds.

Thermoforming is one of the commonly used manufacturing processes usable in many areas such as packaging, automotive and design. The plastic film is preheated to the desired temperature forming. A model of the desired shape is formed (printed) into the preheated foil. Thanks to vacuum a preheated plastic film adheres perfectly and presses out even the finest details.

  • 3D Optical Measurement Systems

We offer measuring systems for 3D optical measurement geometry and 3D optical strain measurement by GOM. A family of ATOS - industrial optical 3D scanners allows very accurate and fast scanning with high resolution.
ATOS scanners measure and analyze industrial parts such as metal and plastic molds, press tools and molds, turbine blades, castings and parts of the exterior/interior of the car. Instead of measuring single points ATOS captures an object's full surface geometry and primitives precisely in a dense point cloud or polygon mesh. Non-contact ATOS measurements can be combined with a touch probe.
Measuring systems TRITOP and ARGUS are designed for static deformation analysis, whereas ARAMIS and PONTOS systems are capable of deformation analysis even when loaded dynamically.

  • CAD/CAM Software - Solutions at the Highest Level

Tebis CAD/CAM solutions are applied wherever there is a need to maximize the efficiency of processes, from CAD model to the finished product. Tebis is used by many companies in the automotive and aerospace industries, manufacturers of molds and pressing tools. Within a successful integration of Tebis software we offer professional consultation for optimized planning and manufacturing.

Tebis CAD software tools optimize 3D models for subsequent NC manufacturing process. These include specialized functions for editing surface models based on imported data from computational analyzes of forming.

Tebis CAM offers quality work, NC programs for a wide range of NC machine tools. This includes the creation of NC programs from 2.5D milling and drilling through 3 + 2 axis indexed milling up to 5 axis continuous milling.

  • Systems 3D interactive modeling

Geomagic® Freeform® software allows quick way for designers and modelers to create or modify the original model. They include a comprehensive set of tools for 3D modeling of details. There is a possibility to import outputs from 3D scanners into the software and 3D models can then be realized by methods of 3D printing or NC milling.

We also offer virtual gloves CyberGlove & Touch by CyberGlove Systems, enabling precise positioning of hand function and their feedback. With the addition of a robotic arm (exoskeleton) CyberForce allows you to feel the resistance of the entire arm.
Our offer includes also Vectra 3D scanners by Canfield Imaging Systems, which have been specially developed for medicine (especially plastic surgery and dermatology). They are used in science and other fields requiring rapid scanning of 3D shape and texture quality.

  • Design & Visualization

We offer design drafts of your new product starting from idea or structural solution up to photorealistic visualization and animation set into a real environment. From virtual 3D models we create a business and presentation materials of the highest quality that will promote the professionalism of your presentation. Your new products can be visualized prior manufacturing the very first piece, giving you an advantage over the competition. On the basis of data created thanks to the professional 3D printers we produce full-color model (defined in CMYK colors) or 3D animation of product features.

  • Robotic Workplaces for NC Machining Applications and 3D Optical Measurement

We will design and deliver tailor-made robotic workplace for NC machining and cutting wood, plastic, composite materials and polystyrene models up to several meters.
For applications of automated 3D optical measurement, we can offer a standardized ATOS ScanBox solution for measurement and inspection of sheet metal stampings, weldments, castings and plastic moldings up to a size of 3m.

Training and seminars are an indispensable part of our business. In addition to technical product support such as continuous year-round training of new software versions or handling equipment, we organize seminars aimed at presenting individual 3D digital technologies.


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