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NIP: 35877332
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Company Description

LEADER TECHNOLOGY spol. s r.o. focuses on chemical and ultrasonic filter cleaning, removal of deposits from technological units and distribution systems, and sediment analysis.

LEADER TECHNOLOGY spol. s r.o. also deals with the use and introduction of the latest environmental technologies, the so-called BAT (best aviable technology) into practice.

Range of products / Services

The use of the latest ecological technologies, the so-called BAT (best aviable technology) type:

They are used to remove deposits from various surfaces. It involves the removal of deposits and deposits mainly from technological equipment, such as filtration equipment, heat exchangers, various cooling chambers (eg pumps, mechanical seals), etc.
They also use various cleaning solutions across a range of pH values to remove deposits and deposits.
The choice of the right cleaning solution depends on the dirt and especially on the surface being cleaned.

• Automotive oils
• Transmission oils
• Hydraulic oils
• Compressor oils
• Industrial oils
• Special lubricants
• Sliding varnishes
• Food lubricants
• Aviation lubricants
• Lubricants for ropes
• Lubrication systems
• Machining and cooling systems
• Degreasers

Automotive and transmission oils Unil - http://www.unil.be/en/
Synthetic lubricating fluids, widely used in industrial use Anderol - http://www.anderol-europe.com/
Matrix special lubricants - http://matrix-lubricants.com/ and Elaskon - http://www.elaskon.de/ 
Gleit-µ sliding varnishes - http://www.wessely.co.at/en/
Oil Safe Lubrication Management - http://www.oilsafesystem.com/
Lubrication systems MEMOLUB - http://memolub.be/

• ensures correct preload of the screws
• protects screw connections in case of thermal shocks, vibrations, load changes
• prevents media leakage

world quality mechanical seals and metal bellows

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