KURZ Czech & Slovak s.r.o.

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NIP: 27742571

Company Description

KURZ is a world leader in hot printing and related technologies. It employs more than 5,000 people.

KURZ develops and produces decorative and functional foils for various products such as automotive parts, mobile phones, television, washing machines, furniture, packaging material, books, textiles, labels, payment cards and many more.

KURZ products serve to decorate products, designate goods, protect trademarks. The technologies used by KURZ also use optical elements with digital features to combine the appearance with the virtual world.

KURZ offers a comprehensive solution including project consulting and engineering technologies. With 14 manufacturing plants in Europe, Asia and North America, 24 international branches and a worldwide network of sales and sales offices, we are always there, we deliver all orders reliably and provide advice on the spot.

The KURZ Group offers comprehensive solutions with an emphasis on the following areas of innovation:

  • OVD Kinegram - security and light management
  • PolyIC - printed electronics
  • h + m - hot Shooting Tools
  • BAIER - hot blowing machines
  • BURG DESIGN - automotive
  • Isim - packaging decoration
  • KURZDIGITAL - digital solution


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