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telephone:+420 725 790 674

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Company Description

Industry Education is an educational platform focusing on Czech industrial companies operating in engineering and related fields.

Our goal is to provide small and medium-sized manufacturing companies with the relevant information they need to remain competitive, increase market share, and be able to provide more and better services to their customers.

We use four main tools for this: professional articles, courses and trainings, consulting and professional B2B meetings.

Range of products / Services

  • On-site courses: Specialized courses aimed at small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that are considering whether they have embarked on a path of digital transformation or want to offer their customers better services.

The program:
- Industry 4.0
- Pillar Technologies of Industry 4.0
- New directions in creating business models
- How to maintain competitiveness for the next 5-10 years
- Digital transformation of the company
- Process optimization before digital transformation
- Connected business
- Flexible production
- Basics of RPA and BI
- Business information systems and data collection
- Platform as a service
- New customer journey
- Creating a corporate B2B marketing strategy and plan step by step

  • Online courses: A series of consecutive webinars, each lasting 60 minutes. It is ideal to complete the entire course, but it is also possible to register for individual seminars separately.

The program:
- Digitization, automation, artificial intelligence
- Creating new business models
- Current B2B marketing for manufacturing companies

  • Consulting: Our specialists in Industry 4.0, new technologies, B2B marketing, external and internal communication, professional journalists, mentors, coaches, IT specialists, graphic designers and designers are ready to solve your problems. We also deal with grant advice - we will help you formulate the funded project correctly and submit an application. We will guide you through the entire project management and stay with you for as long as you need.
  • B2B meetings: We organize mostly virtual meetings of experts, which provide a unique opportunity to present in detail solutions that are designed for a specific engineering department, in the form of virtual trade fair stands and virtual and real professional lectures.


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