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telephone:+48 608-275-250

NIP: 243586931
VAT: PL9491766784

Company Description

GrabTrade Adam Grabowski is a reputable trading company that specializes in the sale of shredders for the recycling industry of plastics, paper, and wood. As the exclusive representative of the Chinese company GUANGZHOU 3E MACHINERY CO., LTD in Poland, we ensure our clients have access to high-quality machines and equipment.

Range of products / Services

Recycling Lines And Systems »

Plastic Waste Crushing Lines »

We offer complete crushing lines that provide advanced solutions for processing various types of plastic, wood, and cable waste.

Washing Lines For Plastic Waste »

Our complete technological lines provide versatile and efficient solutions for processing various types of waste. We deliver both standard and individually tailored systems for plastic crushing and washing, meeting the variable and demanding characteristics of the modern recycling environment.

Recycling System For Used Lithium Batteries »

Our complete technological line for recycling lithium batteries offered by 3E Machinery is an excellent solution for the effective and safe processing of these waste materials. 

The Tire Recycling System »

The tire recycling line offered by our company provides a comprehensive solution for the tire recycling industry. With increasing pressure from governments, local authorities, and public opinion, there is a growing need to reduce the number of tires ending up in waste landfills or being exported. Tire recycling offers significant opportunities for investors to profit from products derived from the recycling process. An increasing number of high-volume applications are utilizing rubber, steel, and fibers derived from recycled tires, making this process an attractive prospect for the recycling industry.

Cable Waste Recycling System »

The separator in our cable recycling equipment is suitable for processing various types of cables. Through processes like crushing, vibrational separation, and air separation, it can effectively separate copper from plastic, achieving a high level of efficiency.


Shredders, Knife Mills 

PC series of Knife Mills »

The PC series of Knife Mills offered by 3E Machinery is a solution dedicated to the effective shredding of virtually all types of plastics. Utilizing the latest technology and advanced technical solutions, these mills are capable of reducing material size, drawing upon the extensive experience of 3E Machinery's engineers in the field of plastic recycling.

Single-shaft shredders with hydraulic pusher »

Double-Shaft Shredders »

The four-shaft shredders from the SOYU FS series »

Preshredders Series WPR »

Peripherals »

Industrial Blades for Shredders »

Transport Blowers »

Complete Big-Bag Bagging Stations »

Conveyor Belts »

Washing Machines »

Drying Equipment »

Flotation Tanks »

Squeezer and Agglomerator Machines »


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