ELKOP Technik s.r.o.

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telephone:+420 483 305 349

NIP: 01598171
VAT: CZ01598171

Company Description

ELKOP Technik s.r.o. - a traditional Czech manufacturer of electric heating elements. Our heating elements are widely used in many industries, such as in plastics and rubber machines, packaging machines, air heaters, galvanic baths and in many other fields. We produce custom-made heating elements according to your specifications and requirements. We also offer technical advice and comprehensive solutions to electrical heating issues.

We are ready to solve your requirements and wishes for your full satisfaction.

Range of products / Services

Heating belts

They are designed in such a way that they can be firmly attached to ensure efficient heat transfer. The elements are made of either mica or ceramic for higher performance. The customer selects the type of the outlet, the shape of the element and the openings for clamping or the mounting brackets for the sensors.

Flat heating elements - flat heating elements, shaped to fit the heated part, usually square, rectangular or circular shape

Cylindrical heating elements - flat heating elements, adapted to the heated part, usually cylindrical shape

Special custom-made heating elements - these are flat heating elements, adapted to the heated part, most often cylindrical, rectangular or circular

Heating cartridges

These are cylindrical heating elements. The installation is usually ensured by inserting it into the opening of the heated element. The supporting elements of the heating coil are ceramic elements; the whole is encased in a tube-like shell. The assembly is backfilled with an insulator, possibly compacted to optimize heat dissipation from the spiral to the cartridge wall. The customer selects the type of outlet, the size of the element and possible mounting brackets.

  • Brass cartridges
  • Stainless steel cartridges
  • Ceramic

Tubular heating elements

The heaters are placed in a stainless steel housing. Their final shape is obtained by bending and thus can cover a wide range of diverse applications. A typical representative of this product group is the heating of an electric oven or a heater in a kettle or in a washing machine. These tubular heating elements can be made of a variety of materials, such as copper, stainless steel and Incoloy.

  • Air heating
  • Liquid heating
  • Contact heating


Temperature sensors are manufactured in many shapes and designs, both resistive (PT 100, PT 1000) and classic welded thermocouples with any outlet design. The sensor is custom made, the sensor can be in brass or stainless steel cube, tube etc. Different in material and shape. We can design the shape based on a photo, sketch, sample, or description.


Heating elements include an extensive set of accessories, both standardized and customized solutions. We will help you with the consultation and with the proposal of the optimal solution. The order may contain, in addition to the heating element, the remaining elements of the control system.

  • Temperature Controllers
  • Thermostats
  • Resistance wires
  • Steel braiding
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Temperature resistant cables, wires and heat shrink tubing
  • Cable terminations
  • Connectors and sockets
  • Heat exchange spray

Design of outlet connector terminals

An important parameter for the production of the heating elements is the definition of the design and the outlet connector terminals serving for the connection to the power supply or the temperature sensor if present.

  • Design layout
  • Electrical connection


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