DATRIA s.r.o.

Dašická 1185, 537 01 Chrudim    Show on Map

telephone:+420 606 021 608

NIP: 04261763
VAT: CZ04261763

Company Description

Company DATRIA s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturing and trading company, drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the plastics and rubber industries. The production division of the company focuses on the development and production of specialized technologies according to specific customer requirements.

The business division of the company offers and supplies to the market standardized technologies from proven suppliers such as NEGRIBOSSI, MEAF, HAYUER, AVIAN, TSM Control Systems, MIKROSAN, POEX and others. We operate mainly in the Czech and Slovak Republics, but we also have customers in other countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, China, Hungary.

Range of products / Services


- thermal insulation blankets

- production of special extrusion lines and extruders

            - laboratory extruder SL

            - single screw extruder DEX

            - DSL regranulation line

- renovation of screws and chambers

- service of plastic technologies

- Measurement of worm and chamber wear



- injection molding machines - fully electric, hybrid, hydraulic

- automation



- Extrusion lines for profiles

- Extrusion lines for pipes and tubes

- Single and twin screw extruders, coextruders

- PVC regranulation lines



- Screws, chambers, check valves


IANUS Simulation

- Design of screws design

- Design of extrusion tools

- Optimization of gear pumps



- Mills, crushers, pulverizers



- Extrusion lines for flat foils

- Thermoforming



- Compounding lines

- String granulators

- Gear pumps


TSM Control Systems

- Gravimetric dosing systems

- Continuous gravimetric dispensers



- Flexible silos

SE System Engineering

- Closable nozzles


- Aluminum sheets and coils


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