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Rybníky 5681, 760 01 Zlín    Show on Map

telephone:+420 777 320 261

NIP: 25915436
VAT: CZ25915436

  • Plně elektrické vsřikovací lisy TOYO, Dalibor Štrop , +420 775 104 977
  • Náhradní díly a Masterbatche, Ivar Grünbaum , +420 702 058 459

Company Description

Fully electric injection molding machines TOYO made in Japan.

Production of spare parts for injection molding machines and extruders - screws, chambers, tips, mixing elements, heating.


Range of products / Services


 Some benefits of our “all-electric” TOYO machines:

  • Electrical: at least -50% energy consumption against fully hydraulic machines. At least -30% against hybrid machines (with no accumulators). Hybrid with accumulators even more energy saving.
  • No direct drives but servo motors with belts. Therefore we can use smaller servomotors than other competitors also on fully electrical machines.   
  • No water needed at all, to cool the machine (only water for area under hopper).
  • No water to cool servo motors or electrical cabinet. We use only vents for all motors and electrical cabinet.
  • No hydraulic pumps, valves, hydraulic circuits, therefore much more reliable machine. No oil leaks.
  • Electrical cabinet included into machine frame. No further space needed.
  • Average energy consumption of our machines is between 0,23 and 0,27 kWa/Kg of plastic material.


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