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NIP: 001 35 143
VAT: CZ00135143

Závod PLASTY – vstřikování plastů, výroba forem    
telephone: +420 577 155 266
fax: +420 577 155 271
Závod OBALY – výroba a potisk laminátových tub    
telephone: +420 577 155 232
fax: +420 577 155 241

Company Description

Plastic plant - manufacturing of plastics parts by injection technology, design, development and manufacture of injection moulds complete injection-moulded parts production including installation.
Packaging plant - manufacturing laminated tubes for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries.



ISO/TS 16949, EN ISO 14001

Range of products / Services

Plastics injection

  • manufacture of plastic components for automotive, electrotechnical and packaging industry
  • manufacture of technical mouldings
  • manufacture of tube and bottle caps
  • manufacture of caps for cosmetics packaging
  • assembling, final finishing operation, completion and packaging
  • ultrasonic welding of injected plastic parts

Processed materials
All basic technical and consumer plastics: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PS, SAN, ABS, TPE, TPU, PMMA, POM, PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 11, PA 12, PBT, PC and others.

Tool shop

The production is subject to the ISO 9001 quality control system.

The PLASTY plant has long-term experience in manufacturing of moulds for plastic injection and of special equipment for tube production lines. A strong point of the plant is its know-how in the field of multiple injection moulds for tube and bottle screw-top caps manufacture.

We manufacture moulds of 650 x 800 mm module size and weight up to 1.500 kg. The tool shop being located together with the plastic injection production is another advantage.

Laminate tubes

LAMINATE TUBES with their up-to-date production combine the advantages of aluminium tubes (barrier features) and polyethylene tubes (exclusive appearance). They provide a universal solution for packing toothpastes, body-care products, pharmaceutical creams, food products and other mixtures. The “new generation” of laminate tubes, which are highly aesthetic, with minimal welding, top quality decoration and oriented caps, are also becoming the ideal packing for the cosmetics segment.

Foil and label printing

Printing is carried out using a Ko - Pack S400 rotary letterpress machine (made in Japan) with a central drum, six printing stations and a flexo varnishing unit. The machine is equipped with a UV curing system for colours and varnish and a cooling system and can be also used for gold, silver or colour stamping decoration. We have our own graphic studio which is fully at the disposal of customers over the entire process of graphic and manufacturing preparation up to approval of the final graphic design.

Manufacturing od parts for automotive

The specialisation of the Kovo Division is the provision of a complete range of semi-finished aluminium products such as aluminium (Al) profile bars or castings of aluminium and aluminium alloys (duralumin), the purchase of semi-finished components for the aluminium products and the processing of aluminium and duralumin using CNC technology, in accordance with

the customers’ requirements. The most commonly employed materials for aluminium products used in the automotive industry are: 
EN AW6061 (AlMg1SiCu); EN AW6262 (AlMg1SiPb); EN AW6063 (AlMg0, 7Si); EN AW6082 (AlSi1MgMn). The aluminium alloys used for castings are: AlSi10Mg1Mn; AlSi9Cu3; AlSi12Cu


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