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New DuPont Crastin - Super Fast PBT - better flow to achieve cost savings

  • 30.07.2020

We would like to draw your attention to our Crastin® SF grades that enhance flow to extremely high levels. Crastin® SF is a direct drop-in replacement for standard PBT grades.

• Improving productivity by up to 30%
• Reducing machine size due to lower filling pressure
• Wider processing window
• Improved flow to fill molds for thinner or more complex parts
• excellent property retention: stress, strain and impact, thermal stability,…

Additional benefits:
• Lower energy consumption
• Wider processing window
• Lower rejection rate

Available in 3 grades, a non-reinforced and two reinforced resins with 15% and 30% glass.
PBT Unreinforced
Crastin® S610SF NC010 (Natural Colour)

PBT - 15% Glass Reinforced
Crastin® SK612SF NC010 (Natural Colour)

PBT - 30% Glass Reinforced
Crastin® SK615SF NC010 (Natural Colour)
Crastin® SK615SF BK591 (Black Colour, Laser Markable)

What to make of it:
• Connectors: Thin, complex, small parts running in high productivity tools
• Automotive electronic components, such as sensors, relays, control units
• Coil formers and solenoids
• Laser marking parts
• Motor, switches, door housings, auto lighting components
• Structurally-complex parts for furniture and auto Chassis
• Thickness and weight reduction in parts with thick walls

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