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MSV 2015 confirms economic growth

  • 07.09.2015

On Monday 14 September, the gates of the 57th International Engineering Fair open in Brno and the organizers expect another successful run of the fair. Exhibitors’ interest in our key industrial trade fair confirms the well-known fact that the Czech economy grows the fastest among the countries of the European Union this year.

Nearly half of all exhibitors come from abroad

Some 1500 exhibiting companies from 30 countries will present themselves at MSV 2015 and there are 700 foreign companies coming, which represents 47% of all participants. The greatest interest comes again from Germany, which is followed by Slovakia, Italy, China, Austria and Switzerland.

There are 268 exhibitors from Germany who already signed up this year and 22% of them come to MSV for the first time. Almost a quarter of the German participants will present machine tools, a large representation will also be in the field of materials and components for mechanical engineering. Collective participation is prepared by the states of Bavaria, Saxony, Saxony - Anhalt, Thuringia, and after three years also Hessen. Particular attention should be focused on the stand of the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce with the presentation of the MSV 2015 main theme, Industry 4.0. The Chamber of Commerce also prepares a conference titled "Industry 4.0 Forum" as part of the accompanying programme, where students learn about the latest trends and ways how the fourth industrial revolution is already implemented in practice. Representatives of top management of leading technology companies will give lectures and discuss topics such as the digital production process and an intelligent factory, customer management in the digital era, the infrastructure for the Internet of Things etc.

The role of the "Special Guest at MSV 2015" will feature Korea and the Chinese province of Hebei. The Korean official participation in Hall V is sponsored by KOTRA - Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency. The exhibition area of 90 sq.m. will feature nine Korean firms in the fields of power generation, materials and components for engineering, machining, pneumatics and welding. On Tuesday, a "Korea Day" will be held with a conference of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic on "Export business opportunities in the Republic of Korea." In Hall Z, visitors will also find the "Hebei Pavilion" - a joint exhibition of eight exhibitors from the Chinese province of Hebei. The province lies in the northeast of the country, it has 73 million people and last year it achieved a GDP of 479 billion USD, which it ranked it sixth in all of China. A Sino-Czech business seminar will take place directly at the Hebei Pavilion on Tuesday, 15 September. The second official Chinese participation in Hall Z is sponsored by the China Council for The Promotion of International Trade, the Machinery Sub-Council.


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