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Company Description

PEKAT s.r.o. is a provider of solutions for automated visual inspection in production, based on its own first-class anomaly detection algorithm on the principle of AI (artificial intelligence) and image data processing. Thanks to accurate image evaluation, PEKAT VISION solutions help manufacturers improve production processes, speed up process cycles, reduce personnel costs and thus save money.

PEKAT VISION software contains the right set of AI tools for product quality control. These tools can be combined and linked with scripts to increase detection reliability. Our experience shows that the combination of these tools can solve almost every task related to visual inspection in production.

Since 2022, the company PEKAT s.r.o. part of the Datalogic group.

Range of products / Services

Standalone software

PEKAT VISION is software for industrial visual inspection and quality control. PEKAT VISION very effectively searches for anomalies, detects and classifies defects and inspects the surfaces of materials and objects. Thanks to artificial intelligence and focused-learning technology, it has a unique ability to detect previously unseen defects.

Smart camera

PEKAT VISION in combination with a smart camera is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a compact and simple solution for product control using artificial intelligence. The image evaluation algorithm can run inside this camera.

Artificial intelligence quality control kit

PEKAT VISION and Arrow bring to the market a system for industrial visual inspection and quality control using artificial intelligence.

With this solution you get everything you need in one package: camera, powerful computer and other accessories (lights, power supplies, laser switches, cables, ...). You can choose the best one for you from the various sets on offer. Or contact us and together we can come up with a solution that works best for you.


  • Product quality control in the automotive industry
  • Inspection of integrity and surface defects of injected plastics
  • Checking the presence and position of components
  • Product completeness check
  • Search for scratches, bubbles and other defects on the painted surface


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