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Fillamentum complements market with high quality filaments for 3D printing

Fillamentum complements market with high quality filaments for 3D printing

Additive polymers from Fillamentum brand are as addictive as says their logo. Although this brand is on the market only since this year their experts has been developing and manufacturing high quality filaments for 3D printing for several years. These products are distributed in more than 10 countries around the world currently and the demand is growing. Customers and retailers appreciate the high quality and wide variety of colours of supplied filaments. These criterions are the main ones for the Parzlich and they helps to distinguish this company from the competitors.

Parzlich was engaged in the production of extruded tubes and profiles of polymer and biopolymer materials first. But company has expanded its portfolio with high quality filaments for 3D printing technology later. The reason was to insufficient the supply for quality materials on the market and therefore they came up with the own brand Fillamentum. This brand was introduced during the 3Dexpo exhibition in Prague which took place in April. Visitors could enjoy interesting thematic lectures about this technology and new trends in 3D printing. But it was possible to take some samples of filaments freshly brought into the market also.

 Fillamentum & Akemake na 3D Printshow London 2014

   Fig.: Fillamentum & Akemake on 3D Printshow London 2014

The most interesting introduced filament was Timberfill. This material is composited from fine sawdust and the polymer matrix. The result is a biodegradable material which has similar mechanical properties such as ABS or PLA, but also you can print models which not only look like wood but which has a same behaviour also. Its quality convinced the Akemake design studio, which was originally sceptical after the experience with competing material but they gave rise to an interesting collaboration. As a result the speaker Spirulida was created. It can be downloaded from their website and printed on your 3D printer at home. Quality of Timberfill is underlined by the fact that it was included in the global database of innovative materials Material Connexion.

 Spirulida designed by Akemake | Printed from Timberfill by Fillamentum
   Fig.: Spirulida designed by Akemake | Printed from Timberfill by Fillamentum

Apart from Timberfill you can find other more or less known materials in Fillamentum portfolio, such as ABS, PLA, Elastic, HIPS, ASA or PVA. But company is still working on development of other innovative materials. The filaments are manufactured in a wide range of colours. For example PLA is available in almost 40 colours and diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm with an accuracy of 0.05 mm. Accuracy and quality are the main features of Parzlich production. For developing of it they also cooperate with some major scientific institutions, for example Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and CEITEC from Brno.

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