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telephone:+421 948 043 251

NIP: 44900074
VAT: SK2022867594

Company Description

We provide advice, sales, warranty and post-warranty service in the field of welding and machining of plastics, as well as lease of welding equipment. We also perform welding and assembling of plastic piping, plastic boards, profiles, simple constructions and semi-finished products.

Plastic welding technology - heating element butt welding, heating element socket welding, hotgas welding, extrusion welding, infrared welding, rotation friction welding, induction welding, ultrasonic welding

Tools and accessories - pipe cutting machines and devices, pipe chamfering equipment and squeezing devices, devices for the welding joint processing

Range of products / Services

Welding using external heat sources:

  1. butt welding
  2. fusion welding
  3. electrofusion welding
  4. welding using infrared radiation
  5. laser welding
  6. welding consumables
  7. welding of plastic sheeting

Welding using internal heat sources:

  1. vibration and friction welding
  2. induction welding
  3. ultrasonic welding HF welding

Equipment and accessories for working plastics we offer:

  1. separation equipment for plastic pipes (scissors, trimmers, guillotines, circular saws)
  2. tools for working surface of plastic tubes (hand scrapers, rotary scraper)
  3. removals of internal and external burrs after butt welding of plastic pipes
  4. pressing and rounding agents used in the repair of plastic pipeline
  5. positioners for attaching the plastic tubes for electrofusion welding
  6. benders of plastic plates
  7. support roller
  8. testing and control instruments
  9. other accessories (pens, degreasing solutions, towels)

Plastic semi-finished products

  1. Plastic boards
  2. Additional plastic welding wires
  3. Plastic round and profile bars
  4. Welded segment arcs and T-pieces


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