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Lieskovecká cesta 456,areál BETAMONT s.r.o.
Zvolen 960 01
telephone: 421 908 777 317
Contact person
Riaditeľ, Ing. Ľubomír Švantner, 421 908 777 317,
Kontakt pre dodávateľov plastového odpadu, Ing. Peter Bartovic, 421 905 479 981,

Company Description

Activities of the Castor & Pollux Inc. are mainly focused on managerial supervising and making strategies for the companies of the Castor & Pollux Group along with its clients from national and/or international business spheres.


•Business and Project Counceling
•Management of strategic projects


C&P in Organisations

•Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry
•Partnership for Prosperity
•HN Club
•Electro – technical association SR
•Slovak – Russian Business Enterprise Board
•European Senate for Industry
•Slovak – Polish Chamber of Commerce
•Slovak Enterprise Alliance
•Slovak Association for Knowledge-based Society


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

At the present time Castor Pollux, Inc. is in the process of implementing a plastic waste recycling technology. The main aim of this really exceptional project, which has been developed in Slovakia for both economical and environment-friendly purposes, is that the industrial plastic waste can be refined and subsequently in the production process transformed into a liquid fuels components (light fraction, middle fraction, heavy fraction) and thus these products can be used for electric energy production.
Castor Pollux, Inc. is planning to introduce the plastic waste recycling technology by the end of 2009.
Specification and Exceptionality of the Technology 
The plastic waste recycling is carried out by the thermo-catalytic cracking process of plastics (depolymerisation). This process allows the final product to obtain newly desired characteristics without the requirement for air and combustion. 
In average this technology is able to transform 960 to 1080 tons of plastics input into 500 to 700 tons of final product output in one month. This technological process for plastic waste processing is protected by the international patented certifications.
The technology was recognized most notably during the Finals of The Energy World Leaders 2005 contest. Furthermore it won “Pollutec 2006 in Lyon Gold Medal in IV edition EEP Awards”.
Project Goals and Contributions
·         increasing the recycling and  waste management
·         decreasing the amount of stored plastic waste and therefore increasing storage capacity
·         decreasing the storage costs
·         increasing secondary products usage and thus preserving depleting natural resources
·         improving quality of the environment
Raw materials which can be recycled by technological system comes from various sectors, such as hi–tech, petroleum chemistry, electronics, food, chemical, car, building, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and many others.
The recyclable waste includes raw materials, which are mainly polyolefin’s, i.e. polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). These comprise numerous kinds of waste from everyday-use products to specialized utility products, e.g.: disposable sacks and shopping bags, packaging used for cleansers, cleaning products and cosmetics, packaging used in food industries, parts of household appliances, arts of radio and TV equipment, parts of children's toys, parts of computer and office equipment, plastic containers, tanks, parts of piping and insulation of cables, parts of industrial textiles, parts of vehicle industry’s facilities (e.g. bumpers, dashboard, battery casing).

The implementation of the project is coordinated by:

Ing. Ľubomír Švantner
Director of plastic recycling department, Lieskovec-Zvolen
Tel.:   +421 /48/414 813 14
GSM: +421/908 777 317


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