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    • VTD Meta V1800 High Vacuum Vertical Metallizng System

      For Sale : VTD Meta V1800 High Vacuum Vertical Metallizng System

      • 03.12.2020
      • ID: 202012864

      Type of coating - Plasma
      2 x Baskets/Doors
      6 Planetary Spindles
      Standard Cycle Time 15-30 min
      Coatable Length 1400mm
      Includes racks and planetary handler
      Weight 18 Tonne

    • blowing of PET bottles

      For Sale : blowing of PET bottles

      • 22.09.2020
      • ID: 202012393

      Well automation s.r.o. will provide you with a powerful line for fully automatic blowing of high quality PET bottles. A different type of plastic container is suitable for each purpose, so it is necessary to consider the selection of the blow molding machine in detail or consult us directly. Well automation s.r.o. will supply, put into operation and ensure quality production of PET bottles for: - dairy and food industry - manufacturers of cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals - and wherever there is a requirement for bottling and storing liquids in a reliable, long-lasting protective container. Contact us today. Request a visit from our project manager, request more information by e-mail at: or by phone: 00421 48 415 26 78. We will be happy to help you own and use the technology exactly as you enter it for your profit and productivity.

    • Are you bothered by air pollution caused by bacteria, do you want to protect yourself from viruses?

      For Sale : Are you bothered by air pollution caused by bacteria, do you want to protect yourself from viruses?

      • 05.06.2020
      • ID: 202011818

      We introducing a reliable method of disinfection - Germicidal disinfection lamp of widely use, destroys 99% of microorganisms in the air.

      Germicidal disinfection lamp UV-C is designed for direct irradiation and destruction of microorganisms in the air. It is one of the most effective ways to disinfect air.

      The UV-C germicidal disinfection lamp is used to disinfect water, air and surfaces in the pharmaceutical, food anf baverage industry (breweries, dairies, bakeries, etc.), but also in offices, schools, hotels and airports.

      - 360 ° wide beam
      - wavelength 254 nm
      - strong stabilized power of 36 Watt
      - 3 sensors (automatically cut-off the power when sense
      Living-thing move, and start working again after 15 seconds no sense any move)
      - remote control (5-8 meters)
      - timing setting (15/30/60 minutes), delay or other timing option

      - sterilization rate 99%
      - air disinfection
      - surface disinfection
      - long life
      - double protection
      - widely use

      Do you need help? Are you interested in Germicidal disinfection lamp UV-C? We will be happy to help you. Call us at +421 48 4147 086 or write us an e-mail at Do not hesitate to contact us, ask for a price offer and for visiting our sales and technical representative.

    • COMITRONIC safety coded magnetic door switches in an exceptional discount

      For Sale : COMITRONIC safety coded magnetic door switches in an exceptional discount

      • 04.06.2020
      • ID: 202011815

      Reliable and durable solutions for your safety on machines.
      Safety switches are used to switch off the machine when the doors of dangerous machines are opened unauthorized. The switch consists of two elements: a coded transmitter mounted on the moving part of the door and a receiver mounted on the machine frame. If someone opens the door, the switch stops the machine to protect the operator.

      Electrical connection: cable 3 m
      Water resistance: IP 67/68 (PA6)
      Indicator: two-color red/green
      LED Reset: automatic
      Max. activation distance: 8 mm, hysteresis 2 mm
      Cycle: B10d = 2,000,000 at 2A

      Original price: 105 €, price after discount: 94,50 €.
      The price is valid until stocks run out. We offer many other security products. We will be happy to send you more information. Contact us at +421 48 4147 086, or send us an e-mail to Request a quote and a visit from our sales and technical representative.

    • Robot SHINI, model ST1-900-1600D

      For Sale : Robot SHINI, model ST1-900-1600D

      • 03.06.2020
      • ID: 202011811

      SHINI robot, model ST1-900-1600D for injection molding machine
      Condition: linear bearings, dampers need to be replaced. Servo and electronics are in good condition.
      2 Y-axis pneumatic
      the Z axis is a servo
      complete control panel
      Weight 270 kg, dimensions: 2400x1400x1800 mm
      Power 1000 W
      Z axis 1600 mm
      Travel in the form of a main arm 250 mm, secondary arm 100 mm
      Vertical axis main arm 900 mm, secondary arm 950 mm
      Load capacity 5 kg
      For an injection molding machine with a tonnage of 200-300 tons

    • WITMANN ROBOT W732-0405

      For Sale : WITMANN ROBOT W732-0405

      • 01.06.2020
      • ID: 202011787

      X 900, Y 1600, Z 3000 400 V, 21 A, 14.6 kVA weight 540 kg

    • Robot KUKA KR 150 L110-2 K 2000

      For Sale : Robot KUKA KR 150 L110-2 K 2000

      • 01.06.2020
      • ID: 202011786

      year of made 2005 Krauss Maffei, weight 1465 kg

    • Top Entry In-mold Labeling Robot

      For Sale : Top Entry In-mold Labeling Robot

      • 26.06.2019
      • ID: 201910285

      In-mold Labeling Equipment Manufacturer Provides Top Entry In-mold Labeling Robot, Various Options:
      Max Clamping Force 200 - 850 kN, Payload 5 - 20 kg.

      - A wide variety of solutions with top or side entry robot.
      - A complete range of label magazines for containers from 30ml to 20lit.
      - Standard TeachBox for all Runma robots.
      - Worldwide services for start-up and training.
      - Turnkey solutions with injection molding machines.
      - Numerous options for control and stacking.

      - Robot models are ranging from RQ800IS3 (5 kg) to RN1900WS3 (20 kg).
      - The robot can be mounted on the fixed platen, or on an external frame.
      - High flexibility design for all kinds of IML applications (flat labels or wrap labels).
      - Possibility of using an external stacking unit.
      - Gripper with quick coupling connection.

    • Camera System Ricoh SC-10A

      For Sale : Camera System Ricoh SC-10A

      • 05.06.2019
      • ID: 201910178

      Ricoh SC-10A - Work Assistance Camera System

      Ricoh´s SC-10A camera system was specifically developed to assist human workers at work stations in performing assembly and manual work. By the use of the SC-10A´s built in image recognition technology, Pokayoke incidents are avoided. It is very simple to install and set-up without any programming skills. Everything needed to start working with the camera is built into the device, so that no external PC is necessary. Just connect a USB mouse, a keyboard and a monitor and the camera is ready to use. The SC-10A guides the worker through the assembly process step by step and verifies the results at the end of each work step, so that unnecessary waste of parts and time is avoided. Contact us for more information at

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