Industrie-Technik Czech s.r.o.

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telephone:00420 605 470 840

NIP: 06608876

Company Description

Production and development of classic Thermo-insulating blankets, panels and thin insulations Aerogel with a thickness of 10mm. Suitable for extruders, injection molding, turbines and newly for mould isolation. Production and sale of pipes. Design and installation of conveyors for plastic materials.

Assortment / Services

Especially thin Aerogel insulation thickness 10 mm W / M.k. 0.013
- Industrie-Technik brings NANOTECHNOLOGY AEROGEL to the plastics industry
- Aerogels have many records in the Guinness Book of Records, for example, as the best insulator and the lowest density solid
- used as a space-insulating substance

Classic thermal insulation
- 40,20mm thickness

Magnetic Aerogel Insulation for ISO-FORM Forms
- save energy and time when tempering or preheating moulds.
- you will be much faster at starting the production process.
- Magnetic, easy-to-install Aerogel 10mm insulation.

Isolation with space cooling around the cylinder (custom protected structure) ISO-THERM
- During tempering, the flaps are hermetically sealed to avoid hot air from around the cylinder
- in case of cooling, the lattice is mechanically opened under the pressure of the injected cooling air
- This causes the hot air to flow from the cylinder space

Teflon curtains
- Insulated and non-insulated versions
- ring or magnetically attached

Measuring energy savings when using our thermal insulating blankets
- Energy consumption can be determined using the unit before and after the thermal insulation
- so you have credible documents about the amount of savings

Central material transport
- Based on years of experience in designing central transport, we will evaluate and recommend the most suitable solution for your production requirements
- starting with the forces of material storage, drying, distribution of material piping to the material station and production stations such as injection molding machines, extruders and blowing machines
- As part of customer service, we provide our customers with free consultation on emerging issues in production
- Customer support and service are a fixed part of Industrie-Technik


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