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  • BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG.

    BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG.

    Radiation crosslinking and  radiation sterilization of plastic parts. Comprehesive solutions, analysis.

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  • VELOX CMS s.r.o.

    VELOX CMS s.r.o.

    Distribution of specialty chemical raw materials (plastics, additives, fillers, TiO2 ..) Europe-wide.

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  • AREMYCO s.r.o.

    AREMYCO s.r.o.

    The company AREMYCO s.r.o. offers for sale LDPE, HDPE, PP granulates and recycled granulates.



    Czech subsidiary of the company Bechtold & Son, the Bechtoplast Ltd. produces  plastcs bottles for pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, food and...

  • C.A.P. spol. s r.o.

    C.A.P. spol. s r.o.

    Exclusiv distributor of manufacturer of plastic closures BERICAP in Czech and Slovak repoblic.

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    • DESMA Slovakia, s.r.o.

      DESMA Slovakia, s.r.o.

      DESMA offers injection moulding machines, periphery, moulds and automation systems, Cold Runners, Service.

    • Dílna, spol. s r.o.

      Dílna, spol. s r.o.

      Sales of consumables and pad printing. machines.

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      • Elektroplast výrobné družstvo Prešov

        Elektroplast výrobné družstvo Prešov

        The company is manufacturer of produce plastic products using following technologies - blow moulding, injection moulding, thermoforming.

      • EMSEKO CZ s.r.o.

        EMSEKO CZ s.r.o.

        Production and printing of films and promotional bags. Processing degradable film on various products.

      • endolumi s.r.o.

        endolumi s.r.o.

        We offer development and production profiles and tubing made of PVC, PE, PP, and TPU.

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        • ENGEL CZ s.r.o.

          ENGEL CZ s.r.o.

          ENGEL Distribution and Service Center with an integrated training center. ENGEL offers complete injection solutions as the world leader in the...

        • Ensinger s.r.o.

          Ensinger s.r.o.

          Production and sales of engineering plastics. Plastic semi-finished products: bars, tubes and plates. Blasting and CNC machining.

        • ETK s.r.o. - Foam division

          ETK s.r.o. - Foam division

          Supplier of plastic foam blanks, custom manufacturing of plastics, thermoforming PE foam.

        • FANUC Slovakia s.r.o.

          FANUC Slovakia s.r.o.

          Factory automation, industrial robots, CNC Systems, electric injection moulding, versatile milling, drilling and tapping, the multipurpose...

        • Fatra, a.s.

          Fatra, a.s.

          Is among the major processors (PVC, PE, PP and PET). Fatra is an integral part of the plastic industry in the CR and Central Europe.

        • FLEXAPRINT, s.r.o.

          FLEXAPRINT, s.r.o.

          printed aluminum foil for pharmaceutical industry

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          • FORBIS s.r.o.

            FORBIS s.r.o.

            IT solutions for peace.

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            • FORM s.r.o.

              FORM s.r.o.

              Manufacturing and trading company. The production program is aimed at producing glass reinforced plastics, laminates, production of thermoplastic...

            • fortell s.r.o.

              fortell s.r.o.

              Plastic moulding of plastic parts, stamping of metal, manufacturiong of injection moulds for plastic.

            • HORZ spol. s r.o.

              HORZ spol. s r.o.

              Plastic parts injection technology, design and construction of molds for plastic injection molding, assembly, stamping final molding.

            • HRSflow


              HRSflow, a division of hot runner INglass Spa, produces hot runner systems for plastic injection.

            • In Print s.r.o.

              In Print s.r.o.

              Foils, tubes, semi-tubes, flat foils, bags, sacks, labels and stickers, stakeout tapes and warning (non-adhesive) tapes, courier, post, e-shop bags...

            • INCOE ® International Europe

              INCOE ® International Europe

              Hot runner technology to ensure long term reliability and stability of processes

            • INGRO-Trade s.r.o.

              INGRO-Trade s.r.o.

              Predaj polymérov, LDPE, HDPE, GPPS, EPS, polyuretánovej injekcie, bariér proti vlhkosti, penového polystyrénu, dovoz stavebných materiálov...

            • INTEPLAST CZ s.r.o.

              INTEPLAST CZ s.r.o.

              Production of plastic parts for automotive industry.

            • ISPE, s.r.o.

              ISPE, s.r.o.

              Company ISPE, s.r.o. offers you product design, its developement including prototypes, tooling and processing fixtures and complete production...

            • Knudsen Plast, s.r.o.

              Knudsen Plast, s.r.o.

              Knudsen Plast has over 30 years experience in injection molding for the medical industry, where requirements are high and need for traceability is a...

            • KOH-I-NOOR Mladá Vožice a.s.

              KOH-I-NOOR Mladá Vožice a.s.

              Production of aerosol valves and accessories, various aerosol dispensers, applicators and cover caps for aerosol the reservoirs. Production of...

            • KOPLAST spol. s r.o.

              KOPLAST spol. s r.o.

              Products from plexiglass, vacuum forming plastics

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              • KURZ Czech & Slovak s.r.o.

                KURZ Czech & Slovak s.r.o.

                KURZ is a major international supplier of hot stamping technology.

              • KVK Blow Moulding Slovakia s.r.o.

                KVK Blow Moulding Slovakia s.r.o.

                Blow moulding plastics - production of pipes, tanks and containers, special components of various sizes.

              • MATEICIUC a. s.

                MATEICIUC a. s.

                We produce plastic cable protectors (protective tubes), microtubes and flexible plastic ducts, bundles of MULTIDUCT system, soft PVC tubing, small...

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