KURZ Czech & Slovak s.r.o.

Za Humny 749/16, 66447 Střelice u Brna    Show on Map


NIP: 27742571

Company Description

KURZ is a major international supplier of hot stamping technology.

KURZ foils are applicable to a wide range of products. This includes packaging, postcards, electronic equipment, household appliances, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, automotive parts and many other items. The latest application technology KURZ, magnetic foils and holograms provide effective and attractive brand protection also increase the overall security business.

In addition to its foils, KURZ offers a wide spectrum of other products such as dies and machines. It also provides technical and logistical support necessary to meet all requirements for efficient processing of first-rate film. In addition, customer support team KURZ is prepared to respond to the needs of customers around the world.


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