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25th Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing is over

23.10.2017 | PlasticPortal editorial team visited FAKUMA in Friedfichshafen. We have managed to see all halls. It was beautiful indian summer all the time there. In a near future more extensive material about news of companies introduced in Fakuma will be published on PlasticPortal. We will also bring two photo reports from the exhibition. This way we would like to thank all companies we have visited, for their time and interesting discussions during the exhibition. We are looking forward to the next FAKUMA which will be held on 16-20 October. 2018th

Thanks for visiting the stand

18.10.2017 | We would like to thank all business partners who have found time and visited us at our stand within MSV 2017 in Brno.

New optical reflective light barrier from Wenglor sensoric GmbH, which works without a reflector.

16.10.2017 | Take advantage of the unlimited variety of applications with exceptional accuracy for simple, reliable production.

Gold Medal MSV 2017 - Awarded exhibits

13.10.2017 | At the International Engineering Fair in Brno, they awarded hthe selected exhibits.

The MSV 2017 in Brno is in full swing, you will see a lot of news

11.10.2017 | Exhibit news can be seen on MSV by Friday.

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Content of PAH in articles and toys

03.07.2017 | The ECHA website is a new call for submission of comments and evidence on the PAH content listed in REACH item 50 of Annex XVII on articles and toys.

The new amendment to Regulation No. 10/2011 (PIM regulation) on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food

31.05.2017 | Commission Regulation No. (EU) 2017/752 amends and corrects the PIM regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with fo ...

Public consultation on the rules of the producer's liability for damage caused by a defective product

10.04.2017 | The European Commission has launched on its website a public consultation on the rules of the producer's liability for damage caused by a defective pr ...

Medical devices - Quality management systems

07.12.2016 | Standard for Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes, in December 2016.

It is preparing an amendment to Act no. 477/2001 Coll. on packaging

29.11.2016 | The planned amendment to the Act no. 477/2001 Coll. on packaging it refers to the mandatory charging only lightweight plastic carrier bags with thickn ...

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FAKUMA 2017: VELOX presents the largest, high-performance raw mater ...
FAKUMA 2017: VELOX presents the largest, high-performance raw materials and solutions

FAKUMA 2017: VELOX presents the largest, high-performance raw materials and solutions

VELOX GmbH, a leading pan-European distributor of raw material specialities for the plastics industry, will be presenting an innovative product range at FAKUMA (booth 5001 in Hall B5), which will be held in Friedrichshafen from 17 to 21 October. In addition to its partner products, VELOX is also introducing PrimeTec®, the company’s own brand for highly specialised solutions for the plastics industry.

Polyphthalamide (PPA): Application-specific and heat-resistant

One highlight of the extensive product spectrum of VELOX is the recent expansion of the product portfolio of the partner PENTAC Polymer GmbH: Polyphthalamide (PPA) offers the possibility for the development of compounds for steadily increasing working temperatures. Additionally, it can be customised to the particular application. Named under the trade marks PENTAMID AHT1 and PENTAMID AHT2, PPA is characterized by their high dimensional stability, especially in high temperature conditions, and is predestined for high duty applications and metal replacement in automotive and engineering. Actual focus is set to high glass fibre reinforced grades.

ASACLEAN PF – High-temperature grade for cleaning of super-engineering resins

Another innovation is ASACLEAN PF, the new high-temperature grade without glass fibres from Asahi Kasei Corporation, which is especially suitable for purging high-performance plastics such as PPS, PEI, PEEK, PSU and others. Asaclean PF has excellent thermal stability and can be used for temperatures between 280°C to 420°C.This grade is ideal not just for rapid colour or material changes, but also for hot-runner purging as well as for machine shutdowns/sealing. For instance, the PF grade has been used for PEI (black) purging: 500 g of ASACLEAN with an injection moulding machine of 50 tons and at a cylinder temperature of 380° C.

ADINS Clay und ADINS Fireproof  for effective flame retardancy

In the additives segment, VELOX presents the products ADINS Clay and ADINS Fireproof from the partner TOLSA – a modified magnesium silicate (sepiolite)  with needle structure that can be used as a synergist in almost all flame retardant systems. In addition to an improvement in the mechanical properties, the ADINS synergists create an enhanced crust, which greatly reduces the release of heat and smoke. The products are available on request with different coatings for better dispersion in the carrier material.

   Application example: ASACLEAN PF Grade is used to clean PEI (black). Amount used: 500g. Injection moulding machine: 50 ton. Barrel temperature: 380°C.

VOELPKER wax 4418: Bio-based ester wax with a wide range of applications

Furthermore, Völpker Spezialprodukte will be present with its plastics series. The renowned broadband wax additives WARADUR serve as multifunctional ingredients that provide flow/ mould release improvement and surface optimisation. In addition, they act as excellent dispersion aids. The new development VOELPKER wax  4418 is a patented organic ester wax, based on renewable plant waxes and reveals a similar effect spectrum. It combines in an ideal manner  the characteristics of a multipurpose plastics processing aid with the call for bio-based raw materials. It is therefore also perfectly suitable for thermoplastic polymers, that are derived from renewable resources.

PrimeTec®: Tailor-made solutions by VELOX

In addition to the distribution of the partner products, VELOX has continued to expand its business activities and now offers highly specialised and application-specific solutions for the plastics industry. Under the brand name PrimeTec® the company provides individual new developments as well as modifications for a wide range of products. At FAKUMA, VELOX’ experts will answer all questions concerning PrimeTec®.

"We are delighted to present a wide range of innovative specialties together with our long-standing partners at this year's 25th anniversary edition of FAKUMA. We look forward to the professional exchange and the many encounters with new and existing customers at our booth 5001 in Hall B5 ", says François Minec, General Manager of VELOX.

autor: VELOX CMS s.r.o.
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